The Big Question: Is She the one?

Do you sometimes ask yourself if she is the one? Then there is a 50% chance she may be by just thinking about it. I know from experience that this is not an easy question and some guys tend to confuse love for infatuation, especially in this day and age it is not hard to mix up the two when your carried away by unreasoned passion or love which is infatuation (got the meaning from Wikipedia just in case you’re wondering).  Anyways I’m veering of topic, so let’s get back to business.

So how did I know that she is the one you might ask.

She listens and doesn’t judge

I am no saint, I did a lot of stupid things in the past that I am not proud of but who doesn’t have a dark past that you just want to forget right?. But being honest to someone is quite a challenge and there are times that you might not get the response that you were hoping for. I knew she was the one when I can openly tell her all my flaws, from my past until the present and she didn’t once make it a big deal. She would get upset a little but at the end of the day she will just shrug it off and help you deal with it. I remember her telling me that past is past and what matters is the present and my future with you.

She accepts you for who you are

I may say I am not perfect physically but I am mature. For some people physical looks matter but for her she doesn’t care about looks. She proudly flaunts you to her friends and always boasts your strengths and not your weaknesses. She doesn’t mind what people tell her about you because she believes she is happy with you and that all that matters to her. She gives constant reminders though that I am overweight not because of how I look but because she is concerned for my overall health. We all know that being overweight has its draw backs. I remembered her saying that I want you to be healthy because I want to spend more time with you in the future.

She is there when you need her

I sometimes get sick and just stay home to rest. She would bring me medicine and food even though she is already tired from work and school, Take note that I didn’t ask her to come but she did and made my recovery a lot faster knowing she cares. She is also there even though when I am not sick, she would offer to fetch me from my house and bring me to school because she thinks that it would be more convenient for me to just carpool with her.

She makes you want to be better

We all want to accomplish something in life . She would constantly remind me of my priorities, she would always cheer me up when I’m stressed with studies and work and often times ask me if I needed help or anything. I remember her telling me that we were a team and as long as were together we were solid and whatever obstacles we may face along the way we can manage. She is appreciating of the things that I do which makes me want to be a better person for her and for others as well.

She makes you happy 

We all feel sad at some point or another thinking about stuff that happened during the day or we just feel gloomy. Whenever I feel sad, whenever I think of her she makes my troubles fade away. Our times together, lost moments, adventures, food trips and side trips just thinking of those moments really make me feel happy. Whenever were together, the hugs and the kisses make living life truly worth it.

She makes everyday a brand new day

Doesn’t everybody feel like its Monday already and the days just fly so fast that you just want it to stop. Like waking up every single day is like a chore that you want to get over and done with. She is the one who makes me feel like everyday is a day to look forward to. She greets me early in the morning and since we were together I haven’t missed a morning text from her. Even though we don’t see each other everyday, she always asks me “What’s up?” and if I had my lunch or dinner. If I  missed a meal she would eagerly tell me that she would come see me and bring me something. She would come out of her way to surprise me (collage and balloons and a very long sweet post in our blog).


She is the one,  when you see life with more limpidness and sanguinity. She isn’t perfect, but she will be authentic, supportive, gracious and appreciative. She’ll love you for everything you are as well as everything you’re not, and she won’t try to change you into her image of the perfect man. When you find her, and there might be some humps along the way but at the end she is worth all the trouble.



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