Spotted: Mom at Mary Grace

Since my Mom, monitors all the predominant big key hospitals in the Medical Industry she sometimes passes by my work place to monitor how their company sales are going along and of course to see me and treat me to some snacks or lunch. (What a sweet and thoughtful Mom! Love you!).  So moving on, I was going about my work one fine day as usual when Mom called me up and said “I’m here now at the Ground Floor, Are you free?” Good thing I was already out of duty that time so we decided to grab a delectable meal in Mary Grace.

Mary Grace, has carved a name for itself due to its delectable desserts like the black velvet, apple pies,heavenly cheese rolls and melt-in-your mouth ensaymadas. My favorite of all time is their  Creamy Carbonara pasta, come pay day me and my friends would usually head out here to treat ourselves to some pasta and sweets. Mom decided to try something new this time around and ordered the Peach Iced Tea (Mind you, this was really good! The specs of sugar can be really tasted in this drink).

My Peach Iced Tea for the win!
My Peach Iced Tea for the win!
Another closer shot at my drink which I gobbled up immediately
Another closer shot at my drink which I gobbled up immediately

We were supposed to have the Olive oil based pasta Vongole however, the serving time would take around 20 minutes more so we decided to try another dish instead and chose the Leek and Saffron with Cream Dory Fillet. The Cream Dory was really tasty, you could really identify it’s authentic taste in your taste buds because the fish is fried to a crispy exterior yet it is quite soft and tender on the inside. Then we had a sandwich to add more variety to our meal. We had the Vigan Longanisa and Kesong Puti. It was quite okay, maybe not my cup of tea but the taste was really palatable if you’re a longanisa lover. I still revert back to my old Creamy Carbonara with Mushroom and Bacon tidbits. Then afterwards, we went off to watch a movie since we wanted to relax and take a breather from the usual grind of work and school.

Our Lunch for today
Very filling and tasty sandwich


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