Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage: “What I am about to tell you sounds crazy. But you have to listen to me. Your very lives depend on it. You see, this isn’t the first time that we’ve had this conversation. The invasion will fail along with every soldier you are sending. We lose everything.”

This piqued my interest when our Information technology Professor in Ateneo told us about emerging technologies in the status quo and how some of these are depicted and are portrayed in Tom Cruise’s movie “Edge of Tomorrow”

This film was actually an adaptation of the Japanese novel authored by Sakuraza, Hiroshi entitled “All you need is Kill”, the rights to this literature was brought by the year 2009 and was sold to Warner Bros. Pictures for production. As of the June 17, 2014 we heard a lot of flak  and even some commendations about this movie. So we decided to see for ourselves if it’s worth all the talk.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the plot of the movie: Aliens called Mimics have taken over continental Europe. Major William Cage (Cruise) a member of the NATO-led United Defense Forces (UDF), is called upon to meet with the General and briefs him about the plan to launch Operation Downfall against the Mimics in a D-Day style invasion.  After much resistance from Cage but to no avail . He soon afterwards finds himself clasped in handcuffs by the beach along with a bunch of rejects  and are then forced into battle.

Cage is dropped in the first attack, unaware that the Mimics have actually anticipated this attack and they are soon going to be ambushed. Fortunately or unfortunately (Depends how you look at it). Our Protagonist Cage seems to escape a series of attacks from the Mimics and kills their “Alpha” by employing the use of a mime which in turn douses him with its blood. In turn giving him the power to “reset” things or the events that happened earlier in the day.

He soon finds himself acquianted with Sgt. Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who also suffered the same fate and is a war veteran. However, she lost this abillity when she had a blood transfusion. Their next goal is to make Cage battle proficient in order to stop the invasion and kill theor almighty “Omega” to restore peace back to the world.

After undergoing seemingly countless loops, Cage is now “combat proficient” and embarks on a journey to kill their “Omega” even though he is alone since all his friends and cohorts die along the process. (Spoiler alert!) Watch the movie to see how all of this will eventually pan out.

This action packed, thrill seeking, quite sometimes hard to comprehend movie at first is probably going to keep you at the edge of your seat all night long. There is no dull moment while watching this film. We even ate in the cinema since we didn’t want to miss out on the movie and how it all plays out.



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