Lugang Cafe on a Wednesday night

Since we both had no classes last night and I got off at work at around 6pm,  we were supposed to jog around the Fort since were beginning to advocate a healthier lifestyle. However due to the heavy downpour we did not push through with jogging and instead headed out to SM Aura to eat dinner and try something new in their newly opened restaurants at the 5th floor Sky Garden.



We were supposed to eat at the NBA Cafe on the 5th floor of SM Aura however, we were dissuaded when there were no photos in their Menu and also their food was mostly composed of burgers and snacks. We saw the long queue outside “Lugang Cafe” and since our curiosity got the best of us, we decided to see what was all the fuss about and made the waitress reserve us a table.

The place was very “fine-dining” like, there were chandeliers above us and the place was well lighted. The seats were also quite comfortable and their Menu looked very appetizing to our palate. This restaurant seems like another fine dining joint I ate in before the “Crystal Jade” fine dining restaurant along the streets of Bonifacio Global City.


The waitress gave us her recommendations for our dinner, their best sellers and also gave us an “estimated time” of 15-20 minutes  on how long our dishes would be served to us. I also noticed she kept watch of the serving time of our food, keeping true to their promise of providing us our food within the approximated time.




They were quite adept in responding to our requests like our water refills, my soy sauce request to add more taste to our viand, and also for our request to have our pot of hot tea refilled. We had the Pepper Beef with Button Mushrooms (580 Php)  since I loved Mushrooms and Pat loves to make me happy. Thanks Babe! 🙂 We also had the   Fookien Fried Rice (380 Php) since this was a Taiwanese restaurant, we also had my favorite Century Eggs ( 2 Sets) and also their Jelly fish dish with cucumber. For our drinks we had their house tea which amounted to 40pesos and I also had their Buko Lychee Shake which came in at 130 pesos.


The price of our meal exceed his planned budget of 1000 due to the service charge and the VAT. What a toll the additional charges takes on their customers!. But anyway, it was all good. The experience was great! However, the main dish could have been a little bit more tastier and less spicy. I especially loved their Jellyfish dish and their Century Eggs FTW! 🙂  Their shared comfort room was also clean and well lit I must say. We decided to take some photos outside the Sky Garden to make the most of our stay there.



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