Photobooth Master’s: Taking Photography to a whole new level

Since one of our paradigms in life is that: Memories should be documented not forgotten entirely. Me and Pat decided to build a business exuding just that motto, so what better way to document and immortalize your memories than to have your photos taken at any event that you will go.

Guess what’s hip? What’s new? and something cool and awesome to do? Book us as your photo booth for your upcoming event or any occasion that you would like to celebrate. We cater to a vast array of occasions whether it may be your sweet 16 birthday bash, your 18th birthday, your wedding, anniversary, school and corporate affairs  and also your kid’s first birthday.

What’s also awesome about this business is that, we also come up with a competitive price, were actually cheaper and more price friendly than our competitors! 🙂 At a price of 2,500/ hour, or 3,500 every 2 hours. If you want more photos then you just have to pay us an additional 1,000 for every succeeding hour afterwards.  It’s actually very cost friendly for you and your family to avail 🙂

Our Name. :) Book us now :)
Our Name. 🙂 Book us now 🙂

So Why should you book us? You may ask? Come and browse at our service inclusions:

1. Unlimited Single Print High Quality (Waterproof)  4r Photos

-Guests can have as many photos as they want in our booth and what’s best about it is that they can also get it in a matter of 40 seconds or less! 😀 Each photo will be printed with a a high grade Dye Photo Printer.

2. Back drop design or your choice or you can choose our backdrop also for your photos.

This is what our backdrop looks like.
This is what our backdrop looks like.

Tarpaulin backdrop design will be customized base on the theme of the event or client’s request. The backdrop can also serve as client’s souvenir from the event.

3. Online Photo Gallery

Easy Viewing and downloading your photos right after the event just click on our website at We automatically upload your photos from the event right before the day ends. You can like your photos at our site and even share them to your friends! 🙂 Awesome right?

4. Free Use of Props like Masks, Crowns, Hats, our Hashtags, Thought balloons and Wigs.

We also employ the use of our props at your preference to make your shots more creative and suited to your personality.

Here's one sample of our Sign Boards from one event we did.
Here’s one sample of our Sign Boards from one event we did.

5. On- Site Technician

Our friendly and very accommodating, well trained staff will be there 24/7 at your beck and call to assist you and your friends during the course of the event.

6. Soft Copy of Pictures in DVD (By Request)

You also get a soft copy of all your processed photos by the end of the day’s event. Cool right?

7. Customized Photo Template

We are very hands on with this business and we make sure our templates are well suited to our client’s needs and preferences. We customize our templates basing from the client’s request or the theme of the event. Photos of the celebrant and also logo’s of your company or event can be inserted into our templates.

One sample template we did for our client.
One sample template we did for our client.

8.  Glossy Card board photo standee

Each photo given to the guests comes also with our very own photo standee which can also serve as your souvenir for your event.

So what are you waiting for? Make those parties and events fun- filled and worth noting. Book us now! 🙂

Our Page and Website
Our Page and Website
Our Customized Calling Cards
Our Customized Calling Cards


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