About Time: Movie Review

Since I wanted to unwind after a long and tedious day, I decided to take the chance to watch this new movie I copied from my friends hard drive. After finally settling for this movie called “About Time” which seemed to tickle my fancy and piqued my interest I decided to give it a go.

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The setting of the first scene takes place on his 21st birthday, Tim (Gleeson) discovers from his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in his family have the ability to travel back in time. If they find a dark place, clench their fists and just focus their mind—poof, off they go! Naturally, Tim’s first instinct is to use his newfound power to try to snag a girlfriend. Since he believes that the purpose of his life is to find love and be loved in return. However, after a summer of futilely wooing the visiting friend of his older sister Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson), a still-single Tim heads off to London to pursue a career as a lawyer.

There Tim meets Mary (McAdams), and falls head over heels in love after having met in a very dark restaurant and conversing on various random topics. He then travels back in time to rectify some events to save his friend’s scriptwriting professional career leading to him being recognized for his genius and artistry. However, some changes all come with a price and in this case it all boils down to him not meeting the girl of his dreams Mary (Portrayed by Rachel McAdams). He then embarks on a time traveling journey to locate Mary and he finally succeeds seeing her again this time in a Museum with her favorite artist.

They end up having lunch together with her girlfriend and she introduces him to her very recent boyfriend. He uses his ability to travel back in time to change their meeting date so she can end up with him. After a series of dates, they finally wound up in each others arms and starts their own family. Everything seems to be going on great from here on until an accident happens to his sister which leads her being confined in a hospital with some bruises and broken ribs as a result of a vehicular collision which happened after she fought with her boyfriend.

He tries to change things and advices his sister to make better judgments especially with regards to the matters of her heart. She ends up ending up with a nice guy in the end who didn’t really pick fights with her and who was a good influence to her. I didn’t really fancy the characters since the leading guy was kind of lanky and not really that model like, hunky, chiseled guys you would expect from a leading man which would make you swoon.

However, what kept me hooked was Rachel Mcadams beauty and the plot of the story. She really is one of my favorite characters since the Notebook, Mean Girls and The Time Travelers Wife all hit the cinemas. By the end of the story our protagonist discovers his father has only a few weeks to live since he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was about to leave them soon.

He decides to let go of his Dad after some heart wrenching scenes between them so he can move on and start a new future with his family. After watching the movie, I questioned myself what I would change in my life if ever I had this kind of power and I seem to realize that I wouldn’t change anything because I would not be the person I am no if it wasn’t for the series of events which molded me into the person I am now.

We sometimes question and doubt our circumstances but take note that these things would not be given to us if we cannot resolve it. Everyone comes with a baggage and some hurdles they have to surpass in order to shape them to be better persons in the end.

My sentiments exactly
My sentiments exactly



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