Polish Walkthrough Experience

Hi everyone! 🙂 Please check out our You Tube Channel “Patn Lou” since I’m still new to this I’m still trying to modify and learn about the video effects and how to make your videos more “appealing” to the public. Pat did this Walk through of our Carwash Business Project for Marketing. The animation is awesome! 🙂 Thanks Babe! Wish I was as good as him when it comes to video editing, oh well all things can be learned in due time right? Right. So now that I’m on vacation mode and were almost halfway through our paper I will try to improve on my skills by learning something new. Hey who knows maybe when I’m already well versed with the craft of video editing I might come up with good videos 🙂 Something to watch out for 🙂 But for now, enjoy the show and see the shine soon! 😀

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