Ryu Ramen on a Thursday

This is a late post upload detailing our food trip last Thursday in Tomas Morato after our Photobooth Event in Trinity wherein our OB- Gynecology doctors from St. Lukes decided to hire us to cover their Zumba event. Looks like they had a lot of fun playing around with our hand made props and also taking turns queueing in our photo booth.

Thank you for choosing us St. Lukes (OB- Gynecology Department) also in coordination with our Marketing team.. More events to come and more note worthy memories to come.

So moving on, after a long and tiring day we decided to try on a new restaurant to reward ourselves after a hard day’s work. Since I was feeling a little under the weather we decided to grab a hot bowl of Ramen to comfort me and ease my ill feeling away.

I ordered their bestseller which is the Tantanmen ramen. We waited for around 10- 15 minutes before our bowl of hot ramen was served in front of us. It was adequately sized and filled near the brim but not quite. I was filled after eating this hot soup with some egg, and also some spices and curry. However, I like the Ramen from Wrong Ramen better I don’t know maybe this Ramen in quite lacking in flavoring or a little more toppings maybe.

My Comfort Food of hot Ramen
My Comfort Food of hot Ramen
Tired but happy
Tired but happy
Their Palcemat
Their Placemat detailing their name
My Hot Tea to help me gulp down the Ramen
My Hot Tea to help me gulp down the very filling Ramen
The Setting of the place.
The Setting of the place.

The place was quite small and can accommodate only a limited amount of guests. Good thing we came in quite late around past 9pm where their were just quite a few customers waiting to be served and we were attended to immediately.

Pat's order
Pat’s order
Us taking our usual selfies while waiting to be seved
Us taking our usual selfies while waiting to be seved
Another one
Another one
Sleepy kids
Pouting  kids
Their Menu
Their Menu

By the way, Did you know that Ryu Ramen and Curry is owned by celebrity couple Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez – Alcasid? Cool isn’t it? Maybe one day we can have our own restaurant too since we love to eat out a lot and discover new cuisines and dishes. Haha.

Anyway, Pat had his favorite dish: Chicken! 😀 Good thing he is easy to please with just chicken. Haha 😀 He said it was okay and the taste was good. Overall it was a good dining experience, another new restaurant we tried and conquered. On to our next food trip! 😀

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