Shooting Day on a Saturday

I have so much backlog with regards to posting and blogging in our site 😦 So sorry. I’ve just been very busy with school requirements and also with some work reports since it’s almost our semestral break and we had less than a week to come up with our Final Marketing Paper along with all the Financials and Start up costs which also came along with our own definition of our 4P’s, the SWOT Analysis of our Product/ Service and also the Porter’s Analysis.

Good thing we eventually came through, Hello Sem Break! 😀 I missed you! 🙂 Now that I have a week to enjoy my break before enrollment resumes I will update my blog and keep on posting on my backlogs. I will also catch up with my favorite past time (Sleep) and will also watch my long overdue movies in my laptop which Pat copied from his computer. (Thanks Baby!) .

As of the record, I have already finished watching 4 movies! 😀 in 2 days. I do it after work before I sleep. Since school is the only thing that is out and I still have to go to work everyday early in the morning so I make it a point to watch at least one or two movies during my spare time.

So moving on, me and my group mates (Jan, Jona, Matt, Hector and Dhiya) met up last Saturday to shoot some scenes for our video presentation (TVC) for our Final product.  Attached below is our Final Video from our shoot. We hired Pat to edit the whole video presentation. Thanks for the superb editing Baby! 😀 Someday I will also learn how to be well versed with Video Editing. So Sit back and relax while you watch our video presentation here. This semester has really taught me a lot and also gave me a lot to new insights not only in life but also opened my eyes to the reality of the business industry. Thank you so much Sir Raj for making our term worth remembering and also for teaching us valuable lessons that will be forever ingrained in our hearts and minds.


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