Nuvali, Nuvali but You

Our first out of town trip as a couple with my sister tagging along with us since we also wanted her to have fun and have a great time we decided to invite her. We (Me and Krizel) fetched Pat from their place after loading up on some gas first (Hey you have to be prepared for these trips).

Anyway, we headed off to Nuvali since we still had a family dinner around 7pm at my uncle’s place to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family and Pat was also invited! 😀 (Yey!) We left Manila around 10am and since it was already quite late when we headed out we also arrived there a little past lunch already. We were even thinking of stopping over at Tagaytay, however due to the time constraints we decided to just stick it out at Nuvali.

“Nowadays, people are always in the rush and preoccupied by tons of things. Inevitably, we reach a point where we get exhausted. And we start to feel the weight of all the things we are juggling up, especially work. Some people describe this state as a “toxic state”. Hence, most people advice us to seek a heavenly sanctuary once in a while. Practical and intuitive, this suggestion will really prevent us from reaching the toxic state of today’s busy living.”

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I was googling on what fun activities we could do outdoors such as a picnic, boating,biking, trekking, mountain climbing or camping however due to some limitations we weren’t able to execute all of those listed plans. What we thought was the best and most feasible plan was to head out to somewhere near, give us the great ambiance and breather that we needed from the daily grind of the metropolis and at the same time have a lot of fun. So that’s how we ended up in Nuvali! 😀

We weren’t able to bike nor go boating since we lacked the time to do so and since we came on a weekend there were lots of people flocking around the booth where you rent out the bikes. Meanwhile the boating trip was all occupied and their last trip would be around past 6. However, we couldn’t stay up that late there since we would be heading out already back to Manila to just make it in time for the family dinner over at my uncle’s crib. We just had some pizza at Uncle Cheffy’s and after walking around the vicinity of the place we just all consented on feeding the fishes.

IMG_6547 IMG_6550 IMG_6558

It was so fun watching these various kinds of fishes all gather up and gobble those fish feeds that we threw at them. Some even went as far as the rocks and out of their ponds just to be able to eat the fish feeds thrown to them. Seems more like the political situation in the status quo don’t you think? Wherein there is a constant clamor for justice and there is great disparity between the social classes.




On the lighter note, we had a lot of fun watching everyone have a great time. Families were laughing and bonding, people were shopping from the signature shops situated around the vicinity while we helped ourselves to some refreshments from Serenitea. We then walked a little to the other side and rode the shuttle to be able to tour the place and then after we decided to use my car and venture into the wake boarding place which is one of Nuvali’s tourist attractions. Prices for the day tour trip are as follows:


  • 2-hour bicycle rent – Php120.00
  • Fish food – Php15.00
  • Water taxi (I know that it should be a surprise, but yes, this is one of the other activities you’ll enjoy there) – Php30.00
  • Lunch (There are not enough fast-food stalls within the area, so you may opt to eat in a fancier restaurant. The lunch expenses would of course vary upon your discretion.) – Php200.00
  • Transportation (varies on how far you are from the place) – Php85.0o

IMG_6585 IMG_6592 IMG_6586

We didn’t also try the wake boarding there since it was almost sunset and we had to hurry up or else we wouldn’t be able to make it to the dinner where we had a sumptuous meal and played monopoly deal all night long with my cousins. Maybe sometime soon we can go back there again without the time constraints and have a grand time wake boarding, biking and boating.






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