New Find of the week: Big Bad Wolf

This is a follow up post in relation to my other post regarding the Sweet Pea Restaurant. Me and my girlfriends decided to venture out again into another food trip so we ended up in this swell place called Big Bad Wolf.

We heard that this was a new joint which recently opened in Mckinley Hill (Disclaimer: This is a late post since we ate there almost 2 years ago way back in 2012). I’m just blogging about it now since I would also like to commemorate all those past food trips and ventures I had before with my friends. 

So going back, we actually purchased this deal from Metrodeal (Hey that rhymes!)  and decided to push through with this restaurant.  The restaurant is actually a brainchild of three high school friends Neil Paras, Ponch Del Rosario, and Mac Cunanan.

Their Logo and Name
Their Logo and Name
The ladies
The ladies
Throwback to two years ago
Throwback to two years ago

We had their Potato Skin with some Boursin Dip which amounted to roughly around 120 bucks.

Potato Skin with the dip! :)
Potato Skin with the dip! 🙂

We also had some fresh tuna wraps with wasbai mayo

Fresh Tuna Wraps

and also some Grilled Cheese with Tomato Dip.

Our Full Cpurse Meal
Our Full Course Meal

We also had some of their Three Little Pigs and Cheese( Smoked ham, garlic ham, pepered ham, emmenthal cheese and onion bread) priced at 365.00. Our meal was accompanied with some fruit shakes and iced teas for our refreshments. We actually had a hard time finding the place since we had to look for it at the back of the residential high rise condominiums. This location should actually be purposely sought out. Overall their dishes are quite okay. I mean, The potato wedges were a bit oily and not really that crisp when it was served to us. Our Tuna Wraps were quite good actually since I love eating tuna with some mayo on it. 😀 However, the presentation was not really that special. Dishes were mostly served on wooden platters well that’s for our case. I guess it was worth trying out this new find if you’re not really that diet conscious since some of their dishes are quite heavy on the stomach and a bit oily.


  1. I loive looking thfough a poѕt that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for alloԝing for me tto сomment!

    1. teampatlou says:

      Thank you also for the feedback 😀 We really appreciate it.

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