Belting it out at Good Times Videoke

Good Times is the place to go for entertainment, a cigar, beers, or a bite with your buddies after work, after a movie, during a hot date, or just because you wanna go out on a nice day.  This is certainly a centrist joint, a community-oriented spot, a place with something for everyone.

Hi Teddy. One of their displays in the room which was cute however it took quite some space in the room that we weren't really able to freely move around
Hi Teddy. One of their displays in the room which was cute however it took quite some space in the room that we weren’t really able to freely move around
Good Times Logo
Good Times Logo


I got this write up from their website. Me and my friends wanted to have a swell time and what better way to achieve that goal than by spending it in a Videoke bar belting out to some high notes while moving along the tunes of our favorite songs and artists. We wanted to do something different aside from the usual dinner date with your girl pals when you celebrate your birthday so when my friend Anna celebrated her 33rd birthday bash we all concurred to head out to Good Times the Fort due to its vicinity from our workplace and also since she got a coupon for that inclusive of all the food and refreshments.

We were accommodated to our room wherein you can see the other guests also singing their hearts out since your only divider to the other rooms is a glass window. We were a little cramped since there were 7 of us girls there and the space wasn’t really enough to fit all of us since we were moving around and sometimes even dancing to the beats of our favorites.

Fierce Pose
Fierce Pose
Girls just want to have fun
Girls just want to have fun

They have at least 17 rooms, which can accommodate as much as 30 people. They even have a bar/disco-like section on the other side of the place, and everything is well maintained, including their restroom which is very spacious, clean and comfortable though it’s quite cramped and lacking in space maybe due to the layout of the place.

Another one
Another one
Photo ops :D
Photo ops 😀

Their attendants were very amicable and helpful towards us and were very willing help ad cater to our requests like when we had our videoke machine adjusted since the microphone was too loud or  it wasn’t functioning well and when we requested for some refreshments in between our singing sessions. We had a great time belting it out to the songs of Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Our much esteemed local artists and their classics and also some classic favorites from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Overall, it was a good experience since I was out with my girl friends however I do hope that they would make it more spacious to accommodate more guests and for their customers to freely dance and move around while singing their favorite tunes. I also hope they would update their song book since other songs weren’t really updated there in their book.


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