Boxing 101 at Ala Gym

At ALA Fitness, you can experience firsthand professional training and coaching using pure methods of boxing that provides more than just physical conditioning.

I got this mantra from their website:

I believe that you should maintain a healthy work life balance in your daily lives and what better way than to constantly develop yourself and your potentials. Just don’t forget your utmost priority which is of course YOUR HEALTH. How can you function efficiently and effectively if you are in great pain from an infirmity right? So anyway, we tried out this new place along the block of New Manila called Ala Gym and tried out their boxing program and see how we would fare in their fitness program. So here goes:

Before training
Before training
From the outside
From the outside

We were supposed to go play flag football with my cousin however due to the time constraints we decided to just box at a nearby location in New Manila. The trainer made us jog for about 5 minutes around the course of the gym then had us perform and execute some stretching exercises by employing the use of bamboo sticks and then we were made to stretch our extremities by performing some drills with their ropes.  You get to do some drills on three of their punching bags every 2 minutes before moving along to their sparring session with your trainer. Cross fit workouts were also done here and some weights and ladders were used to get your blood pumping. Every session costs around 350/ head and if you didn’t bring your equipment like your gloves/ hand wraps they have items on sale there or you can rent it out there. However, its a bit more pricey than when you buy outside. Water also costs 20 bucks for every bottle of Mineral water.

Rope Exercises
Rope Exercises

We were also made to do some core strengthening and abs workout via the use of a ball which bore a little weight. We were also made to reach for our toes while stretched on their mat. Then we were made to have a sparring session with their trainer practicing the basic boxing moves such as the jab, uppercut , hook, straight and the likes. They also assisted us with regards to applying own hand wraps and gloves and also with the lockers where you can put your stuff into safety while training. Their rest rooms were also clean though quite small due to the limited space but at least the heaters were functional and there was a big fan in the rest room which allowed me to blow dry my hair after my shower.

Let's get ready to rumble
Let’s get ready to rumble
Thanks for the assistance
Thanks for the assistance



Basically, this was a great way to let all your energy out and get a good sweat. My body still hurts today from this  boxing workout but at least I know that it was effective right? 😀 Let me know your thoughts on this once you’ve tried it too.



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