Food Review: Kitchitora Ramen

I was already up and about at 8am in the morning last Saturday August 30,2014 since our Freshman Orientation was about to take place in school and in the afternoon I eventually ended up  helping in facilitating the games for the newbies by standing as one of their Marshals in their Amazing Race contest.

It’s always a refreshing twist whenever there are games like these which get your mind thinking, your adrenalin pumping and your people skills working. When I had my orientation seminar in the afternoon 2 semesters ago we had this cheer leading contest wherein you had to make a hymn and also make up customized lyrics depicting how proud you are to be an Atenean: A Blue Eagle geared toward soaring to greater heights, we managed to eventually produce and execute a song and dance number to the tune of Pitch Perfect’s: I Saw the Sign. We also made some balloons in the shape of an eagle and our guy team mates lifted off one of our classmates who played the role of our eagle.

Luck was probably on our side that day because we eventually won first place and we were given some goodies from Belo (One of their Sponsors). So anyway after this tiring yet fun orientation Ginger and I headed off to grab some ice cream at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell after purchasing some stuff from Mercury Drug. I had the salted caramel with some pistachio ice cream. (Happy kid right here!)

Since she was about to be picked up by her boyfriend we decided to wait out at a nearby place. Before we sat down we saw our friend Jc having some brunch with his stylist/ fashionista friend Belle from Summit Media which he gladly introduced to us. The four of us eventually ended up chatting away and we even had a selfie because we missed Jc! 😀



Jc and Belle left soon afterwards since they had a play to catch so that left Me, Ginger and Pat. (Yes Pat came in also to meet up with me since I wasn’t really feeling well). When Ginger left we ended up in Megamall and since he wanted me to try the best Ramen he has tasted here in the country we ended up in Kitchitora.

The name “Kichitora” literally means “Lucky Tiger”. We were immediately ushered to our seats since we were just two and then we consented on having two small bowls of the same ramen.

Their Menu
Their Menu

We asked for their best seller and we were served with their Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se which amounted to around P420.

This Ramen was topped with two pieces of pork  chashu, dried seaweed, molten lava egg (ajitsuke taago) and given a dash of our flavorful fried garlic oil . The broth  was made from chicken broth simmered for 18-24 hours and has very rich flavor.Pat wanted his order to be more spicy so his dish had more chili on it, I tasted his dish and it was very spicy it even leaves a taste in your mouth after! I had to drink some water to flush down the spiciness of it. The noodles were like angel hair noodles very fine and light but were easy to digest so it was all good.

His order with all it's chilis
His order with all it’s chilis
My order no chili
My order no chili

We also added some bamboo shoots to complement our dish! 😀 It was good and added flavor to our dish since I loved mushrooms and it had an uncanny similarity to its taste and texture.


The Collage I made of our Order
The Collage I made of our Order

It was supposed to be a great night cap however their customer service needs some improvement. They overcharged us with dishes we did not order and by the time our orders came in it was the family size dish without the attendant explaining to us the difference between the small and the family size bowls. We ordered the small bowl only but she gave us the family sized bowl which eventually led us to additional costs. Their service was also quite slow, we kept asking for some water refills or for an additional bamboo sprouts but they were slow to respond. Also their take out wasn’t sealed properly. The soup spilled all over Pat’s pants on our way out since he was holding our take out order. I hope this improves the next time we visit.


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