Movie Review: The Giver

After scouring through various food stalls we just decided on eating in a fast food joint wherein they sizzle and cook your food right before your very eyes and then after that we headed off to Magnum Cafe to grab my favorite dessert (Ice Cream!) topped with some caramel bits, dried mangoes and some yogurt kisses this was also  dipped in milk chocolate and came in with a vanilla base. Sounds yummy right? It is! 😀 Definitely a must try! 😀

However, that will be for another post since I want to pay tribute to the awesome movie called “The Giver” which we watched last week.

Here is a preview of the movie trailer! 😀

Based on Lois Lowry’s best selling masterpiece “The Giver” which I perused a couple of years way back seemingly caught my attention as we were trudging along the hallways of SM Aura finding a way to pass the traffic, while away the time and just relax and unwind after a long and tedious working week.

The plot starts off with blandness based from the screenplay without colors, people were devoid of emotions, pain, suffering, animosity, race, color, gender and feelings. Sounds great right? because there is no existence of pain, social classes and disparity amongst the rich and the poor. Yey! However, after sitting in there and watching as the events eventually unfold we also felt the emptiness that comes along with it.

In a utopian society controlled by their Chief Elder, humans are not allowed to make their own decisions their own volition is curtailed within society’s set rules and regulations. Our protagonist here wants to change all that and give back all those memories and feelings to his countrymen since only he has the power to traverse into “Elsewhere” since he was selected by the council to be the receiver.

By being the “Receiver” he possesses all the memories all the good, the bad and the ugly of their community. He feels how it is to fall in love, to traipse and dance with the people as they gleefully prance around in a festivity, how the beauty of a new life is felt, how it feels to breathe and BE ALIVE.

Along with it also comes war, suffering, hunger, pain and animosity. Brutal as it may seem these memories are what separates us humans from being robots, mechanically controlled machines or even animals without our own freewill and volition just succumbing to our own instincts. This almost 2 hours movie is very thought provoking and very interesting. The thespians played their characters well especially the Giver and the Chief Elder.

Our young protagonist Jonas and Fiona who had deep seated emotions for one another though out the whole course of the movie surely has a bright future ahead of them. This movie will definitely get you into thinking more deeply and might even will you to read the lengthy but genuinely interesting book  by Lowry.


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