Stress Buster: Nuat Thai Massage

Since today is my rest day I will get back to blogging on some new movies I watched over the past week, new joints I visited and also some articles which caught my attention these days because aside from it being my creative outlet I also have fun jotting down and sharing my ideas and experiences to others as well.

So here goes. Since I love getting myself massages even during my college days I usually search for new and affordable massage places and invite my friends or my Mom to have a massage session with me once in a while. We also need to have a breather and a break from the daily pressures of work and our other extra-curricula that we do on a daily basis so what better way to unwind than to have a hearty meal and some good old massage to target your pressure points right? 😀 It will definitely make you feel rejuvenated afterwards. Some of the Spa’s I have tried before are: Wensha Spa in Manila, The Spa in Acropolis/ Corinthian Hills,  Ton Ton Traditional Thai Massage, Body Delight Spa and others I cannot remember since I was already too tired to take note or maybe too overwhelmed with the massage.

From the outside
From the outside
Before entering
Before entering

Anyway, moving on Pat and I decided to try something new this time around since both our bodies hurt and were sore from the boxing session we had the other day at Ala Gym. Perhaps we needed more conditioning and more exercise since our bodies immediately became sore  a day or two after the strenuous session. Thanks to my boss for giving me hand wraps! 😀 (Since he used to be a former boxing coach)  Yey! 😀 Here’s to more boxing sessions! Let’s get ready to rumble! 😀

The Walkway
The Walkway

Nuat Thai  massage salon was without locker rooms and amenities like the presence of a sauna or jacuzzi. Massage beds were laid out on the floor. But before all that they first led us to a room where they made us take off our shoes/ slippers for that matter and they washed our feet with lukewarm water and then dried it up on their towels. Afterwards, we were given slippers to wear but since I always keep an extra pair of slippers in my car I used my own slippers this time.

Washing of feet
Washing of feet


The massage was quite okay, since my back was hurting a little due to some muscular tension at my lower back I had my attendant focus there and also at the tight knots on my shoulders which I presume to be air. I also availed of their Herbal Balls. These were actually bags or  beaded pillows which was heated and came off with a therapeutic aroma.  The whole session took around one and a half hour, the room was dimly lit and the rooms were in close proximity to each other so you can definitely hear what the other clients are saying or if there is someone talking in the massage salon.

Soothing nature inspired music was heard reverberating around the place to help you sit back and relax. I wasn’t really a fan of the Traditional Thai Massage since the last time I had this I got turned into a pretzel and I was twisted into various weird or acrobatic positions which sometimes caused me to be awkward and I ended up quite more stressed after I came in than before. So to avoid this I requested for some lotion to be applied to me instead of their usual oils since I end up feeling very icky, queasy and oily after. However the attendant forgot my lotion request and ended up using oil to my whole body  so to absorb the oil I was sprinkled with some powder afterwards and given hot towels.

Herbal Balls/ Herbal PIllows
Herbal Balls/ Herbal Pillows

We were also offered their complimentary hot chamomile tea since I usually request for this at the start of the session. They gave us the tea at the end after the massage. Overall the package cost around a thousand bucks more or less sans the tip to your attendant.





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