Food Review: Rustan’s Gourmet to Go

Since school is officially back again in my calendar! I had to catch up on my readings and do some home works already. Goodbye again social life! Hello to another three months of lectures, group works, late night brainstorming sessions with a cup of black coffee in one hand to keep me awake until the wee hours of the night and a bag of chips on another hand to help me think while I’m typing my report on my laptop.

I was feeling a bit quite under the weather lately, perhaps it’s the increased congestion on the roads every single morning when I wake up or perhaps it’s the fluctuating weather conditions. Whatever it is, nothing can put me into a good mood again than having a hearty meal while conversing about our due papers with P.

We headed off to the ground floor of Powerplant Mall inside Rustans to look for the Gourmet to Go.

Gourmet to Go
Gourmet to Go

It’s operating hours are same as the mall hours 10am-9pm. The setting was very simplistic in nature.  It had a glass display of all its selections and wooden chairs and tables were just around the corner waiting to be occupied by hungry customers.

It was not jam packed when we entered so the queue was not that long. We were able to order immediately. P wanted me to try their Rib Eye Steak however there was a minimum number of grams for that and we ended up shelling out 400 just for that steak alone! What a rip off! I could have been already satiated with a full course meal rather than just that one piece of steak without rice which was WAY too expensive for us. Anyway, I guess it all comes with the place since it’s Rustans. PS: This did not have any rice included in it yet.

The Steak
The Steak

It came along with a Bento Box and some black pepper gravy which was kind of a little too spicy for my taste. P had one of their pork dishes, I actually forgot what it’s called but in all honesty I liked his dish better than mine however it was a bit too salty but nonetheless it was really good and bustling with flavor. It was also affordable too since this viand only costs less than 200 bucks more or less.

The Pork Dish
The Pork Dish

We then headed off to finish our due papers the next day after finishing off our meal for the night. It was okay I guess since the dishes were just microwaved and reheated and not really cooked on the spot which for me kind of lessens their nutritional value and content. Also the steak and the pork were mostly comprised of fatty parts so they weren’t really that healthy at all despite the fact that they pride themselves on serving healthy dishes and meals.

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