Of Headlines and Updates

I haven’t updated my blog for about 5 days already due to my continuous working days and also balancing this with some readings for school, jogging around the grounds of the Fort and mostly focusing on nourishing myself and becoming a better version of myself by reading some self help materials, opinion pages in the newspaper and also by being more conscious with the food that I intend to intake. I try to eat more healthier now by adding more of the greens, more fruits and less of the rice and carbohydrates in my meals.

Looking forward to a healthier lifestyle

Also whenever I feel that I am swamped up with work and everything that has been coming along in my life as of late. I try first to breathe a little and then clear my mind of all distractions, bring out my notepad and jot down anything that comes to my mind, the things I need first to attend to and then I set my priorities straight afterwards in order to accomplish a lot of things by numbering them all in order of importance and how pressing these matters need attending to. By doing so I eventually  tick off a number one after the other in my daily itinerary.

So moving on, I was looking at my Facebook feed earlier this morning and nothing new really caught my interest aside from the usual political bickering going around the in Senate, some UP students who blatantly attacked a government official who gave a speech in their campus and to show their disgust they apparently hurled some placards against the Budget Secretary. (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/379999/news/nation/up-profs-call-students-in-abad-mobbing-enemies-of-the-university)

Also who can forget the eventful Bench Underwear Show where models and celebrities alike posed and walked the runway with grace flaunting their rock hard, 6 pack, washboard abs and also their flat and skinny, well toned bodies.

Some scenes from the most awaited Fashion Show were encapsulated in this video:

Adding to that some nude and sexy photos from my girl crush Ellen Adarna were also leaked in social media and has been garnering much talk and attention from guys nowadays. I mean she’s downright gorgeous don’t you agree?

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna

Some say that she had plastic surgery done however despite those rumors or even though they are true she is still gorgeous! 😀 and one of the most in demand sexy celebrities as of the moment. 😀 Go Ellen! 😀

However, I just don’t get it why people feast on the fact that celebrities nude photos are all over the internet like Jennifer Lawrence and the other A list celebrities whose private photos were leaked to the media. Women should be loved, cherished and prized not objectified and subjected to these lustful eyes of predators who just feast on their bodies and objectify women just because of their looks or their curves and well toned behinds.

There has to be more than that, and authorities should definitely put a stop to all of these since it puts women in a condescending and depreciating bad light. I hope that whoever leaked those photos would find it in their hearts to respect women and also put themselves in the situation of these affected celebrities. It puts women in such a shameful position and those photos which were not meant to come out are now all over social media and immortalized in the minds and hearts of some netizens.

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