Rejuvenation at its finest at Belmere Skin

I was given the privilege to be invited to try out their new services in their Skin Center last Monday September 22,2014 and since I had no work or school during that day I had the whole day free ahead of me. Yey! πŸ˜€

During my off days I try to be as productive as possible by catching up on my blogging duties, reading my books for school to avoid procrastination and the likes. I was informed during that day that I was to be part of a select group of bloggers to experience their services and write about it since they are upping up the ante and overhauling the management with the new CEO (the very voluptuous beauty enthusiast Ms. Michelle Acero). How cool is that? πŸ˜€

Belmere Skin Center
Belmere Skin Center

They want the public to be more aware of their services and new offerings which the whole family can avail of not only the Mom’s since it used to be called “Godiva” before it was later on rebranded and renamed Belmere which means “Beautiful Mom”. What the management wants to happen here is to have a more pronounced social media presence and also to gain recognition in the Skin Care and Beauty Industry. They also strive to constantly make its services and equipment more up to date and affordable than before.

Affordable rates!
Affordable rates!

When I got to the place which was situated along the confines of Capitolyo Pasig and SSS I was immediately entertained and accommodated by their PR and Marketing people and also their CEO Miss Michelle. (What could be better than that right? I mean how often do you see the owner and CEO of a business take some time off their busy schedule to personally talk to you and explain their advocacy). Very hands on! I must say! πŸ˜€

For those people in the south they also have an Alabang Branch. Belmere Skin Centre’s Alabang branch is currently located at the 2nd Floor Aurora Bldg., Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (beside Alabang Medical Center).Β Β  They will however transfer next month to another location date to be announced. (I’m so excited!).Β  Here is the address of the new location: 2nd Floor Unit A&B CTP Alpha Building at Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

We were made to choose from 3 of their services in their list and since I wanted to pamper myself I decided to soak my feet in a relaxing foot spa that came along with a soothing massage and some peppermint scrub which felt really good and rejuvenating after the session. (Hello to my Happy Feet!). Their attendant also was very careful to soak my feet in lukewarm water first to help me relax and unwind and then after the session and scrub she made me choose a color. I choose the ruby red tint since I wanted to add a little zest and a touch of color to my toes! πŸ˜€

Happy Feet! Yey!
Happy Feet! Yey!
Enjoying a relaxing foot spa
Enjoying a relaxing foot spa

I also choose the photo laser treatment to lighten my dark spots and marks on my face. Growing up I wasn’t spared from the adolescent fate of acne and so when those problem zits disappeared it left marks on my face as a souvenir. The attendant was very careful in explaining to me every step that she did like applying the gel, shielding my eyes from the light, putting on a headband on my head so my face would just be the focus of the light blast.

Before the photo therapy
Before the photo therapy
Their hallways to the massage rooms
Their hallways to the massage rooms

Also we were treated to a snack by the management while they discussed with us their list of services, very affordable promo rates and top of the line machines such as the RadioFrequency (which helps melt the fat in your body), the Cryotherapy (which hardens your fat and then flushes them out of your system), their Fractional Laser Therapy and Dermabrasion machines (for those people who have skin problems or want to achieve a more refined, toned and flawless complexion). Poreless effect! πŸ™‚ I love it! ❀

Their packages were very affordable and enticing such as the warts removal and their relaxing full body massage which lasted for an hour costs for just 500 bucks. They also have the 6 months Unlimited Slimline Treatments for only Php30,000 and it is payable in 12 months 0% interest using a credit card. Awesome right? πŸ˜€

Awesome promo!

Other bloggers also got the chance to experience their signature facial treatments and felt so clean and flawless afterwards. They were even citing comments along the course of the conversation as to “how their skin felt more supple, soft and clearer”. Of course perfect skin cannot be achieved overnight, you have to have continuity of care for your skin and that’s where their packages come in.

Glutathione andΒ  Vitamin C injections were also introduced to us for those who want their complexion to be glowing and lighter in shade. Also their body scrubs and whitening scrubs also popped up into the conversation.

Loot bags were given by Ms. Michelle by the end of the conversation which contained some of their sample signature soaps like the Anti Acne, Placenta (for younger and healthier looking skin) and also their Kojic soap (for whiter complexion).


Thank you Belmere Skin! :)
Thank you Belmere Skin! πŸ™‚
Placenta, Kojic and Acne Soap
Placenta, Kojic and Acne Soap

This experience was really note worthy and this place is highly recommended! πŸ™‚ Not only are their rates very affordable, their staff were very helpful, courteous and amicable. My attendant during my laser session was even explaining to me the rationale for every step that she did to my face. Now that’s called brand awareness! πŸ˜€ Their employees are well aware of their products and services and can definitely be trusted to give you your money’s worth! πŸ˜€

Happy Bloggers! :D Thank you for this awesome experience Belmere Skin Care!
Happy Bloggers! πŸ˜€ Thank you for this awesome experience Belmere Skin Care!

For more information regarding their packages and very affordable rates do check out their site at:

Click here for more information

Their Official Facebook Page

They can also be reached thru: SHAW – SAN ANTONIO: 470-4133 & 0927-5767019

ALABANG 842-8484 & 0917-8174725

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