Movie Review: About Last Night

Ever wanted to know about how men think and feel? And also what goes around in their conversations when they grab a couple of beers and drink the night away on a weekend? Well, About last night is the perfect movie for you since it actually gives you a heads up on how guys minds work and how they misconstrue some of our day to day acts and words as women who are more prone and known to be more emotional and subservient.

Here’s a quick trailer of the movie to get you going and to give you a brief background about it:

They make a big fuss on mundane topics like “Who said I love you first? since the one who professes those three words first is the party that cares more and is bound to get hurt come the end of their relationship. Also the movie goes around discussing issues like “getting a puppy” and how it bores a resemblance to having a kid already which entails a load of responsibility and commitment from both parties.

Insecurities from both parties also ensues and stems out during the course of the hour long movie. The title itself piqued my interest and since I haven’t heard about this movie before I decided to give it my time of the day and watch it on our couch.

Good thing I was on vacation tomorrow that’s why I can afford to watch a movie on a late night. Yey!

The constant witty retorts from the parties and also the captivating soundtrack kept me hooked to the movie. Sometimes we love, sometimes we lose in this battle but one thing is for certain some people walk and come into our lives. Some stay for a while, make some footprints on our hearts and they are never ever forgotten.

What do you think of the movie? Tell me your thoughts! 😀 I would love to hear from you.

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