Movie Review: Annabelle

The last time I watched a horror flick was about last year with my two friends at Power plant Mall.  It was the time when Conjuring was released and we kind of got scared by the hair rising music and the unexpected turnaround of events and scenes.

Fast forward to 2014, another Horror Film has hit the Cinemas and I was about to catch the first night of it’s premiere with some friends from work. However, due to school obligations which later on got called off due to the heavy downpour, the bumper to bumper congestion of cars along the lanes of Edsa and Kalayaan and due to the clogged drainage systems which eventually led to some flooding along the streets hampering the travel time of commuters and motorists alike. School last night got called off. (Yey or Nay?)

To have a general idea of what’s in store for you once you hit the cinemas here’s a quick trailer of the movie:

Since  I did not want to miss out on the action and the discourse about the movie from my friends who watched it last night. I asked if P wanted to watch with me. He was at first quite hesitant with the idea since he wasn’t really a fan of horror themed movies and we would just scare ourselves and spend our hard earned money to watch something that might just stress us.

After giving it some thought, I decided to forego my desire to watch the movie and instead just opted to have dinner with P. But after reading some good reviews about it and after watching the trailer. We decided to give it a try and see for ourselves what the fuss was all about.

We came in a little late since we lost count of time while having dinner at Sumosam. We then went inside the pitch black cinema and the film was already rolling when we went in.  I was kind of taken aback during one of the 1st scenes wherein (Spoiler alert) there was a sudden thud which caused Annabelle’s parents to die. A series of hair rising and scare anticipating moments later ensued and then it was back to normal again.

I was on my toes the whole time anticipating the next scare scene that would occur. Thank God P was there to calm my nerves since I was a bit giddy already with some hair rising scenes which caused my heart to skip a beat and pound harder on my chest. On a side note, the wife in the movie (Mia) was very effective in portraying her character. She was the calm in the midst of the storm and her angelic face somewhat added more charm to the movie despite the malevolent scenes imploring some demonic references. (Spoiler alert again!)

One article I read referenced me to a website which tells the true story behind the doll.

The True Story of Annabelle

This film definitely gave me quite a scare and even on the way home I can just imagine the creepy face of the doll and also some gut wrenching and heart stopping scenes.




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