Sashimi Salad and Chicken Teriyaki at Sumosam

In trying to catch up with my backlog with regards to my blogging duties I decided to post at least 3 write ups today to make up for the last few days that I wasn’t able to post.  Since I will be fully booked for the next coming few weeks with a lot of events lining up my calendar, two shoots along the way, school papers to peruse and submit and also work  duties to attend to.

So here goes another one: Last night, due to the constant downpour and the heavy congestion we decided to while away the time and just have dinner and catch the premiere night of Annabelle the movie.

Before heading off to dinner :) My treat to P :) Yey! :)
Before heading off to dinner 🙂 My treat to P 🙂 Yey! 🙂

Before heading off into the pitch black cinemas we just decided first to satisfy our usual hunger pangs and head off to find a place within the vicinity of Rockwell that fit very well with my 600 bucks budget since I also have a lot of pressing priorities as of the moment so my expenditures are all budgeted.

Moving on, I wanted something light for the night so I opted for some salad and P went for his usual go to meal his “chicken dish”. The last time we ate here at Sumosam was at least around a month ago with his long time childhood friend Chris who is actually tying the knot soon this coming 2015. Congrats Chris! 😀 She actually introduced me to the concept of Tuna Sashimi Salad which came off a tad spicy for my liking but the flavor was so full and the mayo provided the right balance of sourness to complement the bland taste of the fresh lettuce leaves and the fishy odor emanating from the sashimi.

Tadadada My Tuna Sashimi  Salad Order
Tadadada My Tuna Sashimi Salad Order

I used to be a fan of sashimi way back when I was a kid, since the wasabi (green spicy paste) and the soy sauce along with the lemon juice drops was the perfect dip to tone down and downplay the rawness of the fish. However, since I heard some rumors from my friends that too much raw fish can cause you to have some tapeworms in your body. (OMG) so I just stopped eating since that day forward.

However, since I wanted something different this time and since I rarely go for the fish dishes whenever I dine out I opted for their Tuna Sashimi this time around but made a request to lessen or tone down the spiciness of this dish since it might exacerbate my ulcer.

P had his Chicken Teriyaki which was kind glazed with some sweet dressing while I had the salad which was good for sharing coupled by their house tea. 😀

Chicken Teriyaki :D
Chicken Teriyaki 😀
A Collage I made which encapsulated the night and which I posted in my ig account.
A Collage I made which encapsulated the night and which I posted in my ig account.

Overall, it was a good meal. 🙂 Although the salad was still a tad too spicy for my liking.

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