Business Ideas from Idol sa Kusina

I was fortunate to be invited to visit the set of “Idol sa Kusina” last Monday (September 29,2014) featuring multi-awarded and world renowned chef Boy Logro who also happens to own his very own culinary school advocating budding entrepreneurs and helping our young hoteliers and aspiring chefs in the future to reach for the stars and traverse the seas just like what our resident chef did during his sojourns.

Chef Boy Logro
Chef Boy Logro

The show also starred his co-host, the very beautiful Bettina Carlos who radiated that jovial and charming vibe all throughout the show. They also had a special guest for this episode and for this special segment guess who it was?

Bettina Carlos with some students from Christ the King school
Bettina Carlos with some students from Christ the King school
On the set of "Idol sa Kusina"
On the set of “Idol sa Kusina”

Yes! You got that right! πŸ˜€ It was the much celebrated actress Ms. Marilyn Reynes who graced the show with her special appearance. Students from Christ the King school were also present as their studio audience during that day. They were keen on listening as Chef Boy shared with us his secrets for his very sumptuous dishes and also gave tips on how to package these delicacies to be given as gifts and presents this coming Christmas season. (Cool isn’t it?) You get to indulge in your passion for cooking and baking as well as earn money from it or it may serve as gifts to your friends this coming holidays.

We were served the following tasty dishes and here’s how it all went down:

1. Lechon Kawali with Pickled Bell Peppers


This dish was garnished with some butter, salt, pepper and deep fried resulting to a very crispy taste of the pork skin while very rich in flavor on the meaty part of the dish. The pickled bell peppers meanwhile served to balance the salty, crispy taste of the dish by adding a little sour and tangy flavor to this creation.

Definitely complemented the Lechon :D
Definitely complemented the Lechon πŸ˜€
Looks very appetizing doesn't it?
Looks very appetizing doesn’t it?

2. Chicken Galantina with some bottled tuyo in chili oil

Awesome dish to try!
Awesome dish to try!


3. Tuyo Pasta

Definitely my favorite! :D
Definitely my favorite! πŸ˜€

This was unabashedly my favorite! πŸ˜€ I really loved the fresh tomatoes and the lemons incorporated in this dish. Also the spicy taste of the noodles and the flavorful mix of the fish and the added zest from the freshly squeezed lemons really gave this dish an edge over the others which definitely catered to my liking. Since I am a fan of sour dishes the lemons with this dish and me were a match made in heaven! πŸ™‚

4. Choco Mint Mallows in a Jar

Chocolate Mallows
Chocolate Mallows
In the making
In the making

This was served in a hot chocolate style and was served in a mug. This is best for cold nights or mornings while looking over your window pane and just reflecting on your innermost thoughts. (So Emo!) My Gosh! πŸ˜€ haha or this can just be your night ender and cap off your meal.

We also had a sit down one on one session with the two talented hosts of the show and they amused us with their points of view and innermost thoughts about how the show started, how to go about your dreams, what makes the show gain mileage and a strong fan base for the last 5 years.

What strikes me the most was that despite all his accolades in the International Market and from all his cooking shows Chef Boy still remains grounded and very humble, never forgetting his roots and where he came from. He recounted those days of hardship where he started off as a dishwasher, as a house help and rose above the ranks due to his insatiable desire to work hard and to succeed one day. See now where that dream has gotten him into now. πŸ˜€ (Very inspiring right?)

Striking a pose with some culinary students who wanted to gain some pertinent kitchen lessons from the experts
Striking a pose with some culinary students who wanted to gain some pertinent kitchen lessons from the experts
Two Thumbs Up
Two Thumbs Up

He also told us that the best advice he can dole out was “Believe in yourself” because this will make you move mountains in the end. When people doubt you and your capabilities and all you have is your self belief that one day you will succeed, work hard and reach for the stars despite all the hurdles and hesitations. Because one day, someday dreams do come true! πŸ˜€

It was definitely a one for the books experience I would forever treasure and recount. I mean, how often do you come across a world famous chef/entrepreneur and get to savor his dishes along with fellow food blogger friends and also have a one on one session with them just like you’re good old friends having a sit down session while all of you are sipping hot cups of chocolate together. Now that’s what I call my “Idol sa Kusina.”

Catch this episode which is to air this October 19,2014.





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