Movie Review: The Host

Can lost souls really peacefully co-exist with us humans? 😀 Well then, this is the novel turned movie for you to watch! 😀 For those science fiction fans out there welcome this novel by Stephanie Meyer with open eyes,arms and minds. 😀

You heard me right, Stephanie Meyer the author of the much esteemed and highly popular Twilight saga which I read all those books led me also to read this novel from cover to cover before heading out to watch it in the cinemas.

I seemingly forgot what I thought of the movie since it has almost been a year since it went viral on the movie screens but when I refreshed my memory by watching it again a while ago I decided to make a write up about it. For those who need a little polishing on the story line here’s a trailer of the movie. 😀 Enjoy!

You will either enjoy or hate to be honest. The movie is sci-fi interspersed with some knock your socks of romance scenes. It was also quite dragging due to the two hour duration of the film. The cinematography was surreal from the desert scenes to the futuristic scenes which employed some intergalactic and spatial treats for the eyes. Finally Saoirse Ronan intrigued me the most on how she would go about with this film after her acting stint from “The Lovely Bones”. Some of the scenes stirred up some emotions in me that I even felt part of the story, it was really great how the characters portray their roles and how their connect with their audience despite the long movie.

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