Random Adventures this Week. Enchanted Kingdom, Food Trips and Rides

Since I still have a lot of things to do on myΒ  itinerary I will just cut this short and just sum up here most of the events which are note worthy that happened to me this past week of course who better to tag along with me than P.

So here goes the adventures of P and L.

Thanks for the GC!
Thanks for the GC Rue Bourbon!

To start off after hearing out mass, I wanted to unwind and just relax so we trudged to Eastwood to use our Gift Certificate from Rue Bourbon since I was one of their food bloggers for one of their events as a token of their appreciation they gave us Gift Certificates and a free meal! πŸ˜€ Yey! πŸ™‚ Thank you Rue! So anyway, the food was awesome coupled with some drinks and your friends and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, it was just the two of us when we dined here so we kind of felt a little “over aged” to be there with the booming loud music reverberating from the speakers and the dark lights which are very well suited for a group party. Teens and hordes of friends from all over were surrounding our table and it was really notable that they were having a great time from the booze and liquor they seem to consume.

Great Food!
Wacky poses

Here’s what we had.




After finishing off our meal, we wanted to lose the extra pounds we gained from all those finger food that we devoured so we walked around and I bought this new pencil liner from Etude House. Then I decided to have a massage to relax and invigorate my tired limbs. Hello Spa’a! πŸ˜€

They would cleanse your feet first and then dry it up with a towel then dip your feet in the aquarium while the fishes there eat away your dead skin cells. My legs seem to feel more supple and moisturized after that session. Then I had their body massage which was the equivalent to 8 hours of sleep according to their cashier. I fell asleep during the course of the massage maybe because I was too tired. But all in all it was all good. I felt relaxed and energized afterwards.


It was my second timeΒ  to experience this kind of spa. I was ticklish for a few minutes but got used to it as time passed by. I got the package that involved 20 minutes of Dr. Fish spa and 1 hour whole body massage.Β  The price was quite steep since it cost around 600 bucks but definitely worth your time and money.



Moving along, this week had been a roller coaster of emotions since I was mostly sick and still recuperating also within this week was our Midterms week for school so I had to focus on reviewing my notes and computations. I eventually resolved to at least update my blog once a week with 4 posts to decrease my backlog. πŸ˜€

Our next adventure was another food trip from Conti’s since we deserved a treat after the grueling Midterms. I was supposed to order their Salmon but settled for my Roast beef dish instead. P ordered the Chicken ala Kiev which we also had yesterday during the opening and inauguration of the Belmere Skin Clinic in Alabang which happened to be also catered by Conti’s. Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers were invited by Ms. Michelle and Ms. Dina to grace the event and do a write up afterwards. They even let us experience their latest and top of the line Venus Freeze treatment and their other top of the line services.

Belmere Alabang Opening
Belmere Alabang Opening
Owner of Belmere :D The very beautiful Ms. Michelle
Owner of Belmere πŸ˜€ The very beautiful Ms. Michelle
Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon Cutting

There was also another flashback party happening down south last night that I was invited to with various celebrities and guests however due to time constraints we weren’t able to go there anymore. 😦 So many things to do. So little time.

We headed off instead to meet up with my friends in EK since it was Kat’s and Jana’s birthday! πŸ™‚ Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom! πŸ˜€ Where the Magic never ends! πŸ˜€

Friends in EK
Friends in EK
Prepare to get wet
Prepare to get wet
New Kids on the Blog
New Kids on the Blog


Come fly with me
Come fly with me aboard the Flying Fiesta

We became kids once again trying out the various rides with my friends. However since we got there quite late already I settled for just around 3 rides and also got to try their House of Horror / Pagpag bearing an uncanny resemblance to Scream park Manila. We also tried their Rialto wherein we were transported back to the Ice Age with Sid and his pals skiing down the icy slopes of the mountain. The Log Jam got us drenched and dripping wet from the mist and the sudden gush of water that hit our ride as we suddenly delved into the puddle of water. For our finale we tried out their Flying Fiesta πŸ˜€ One of my ultimate favorites! Since it’s just like riding a swing and you get pushed up really high up in the air.

Overall it was an eventful week. πŸ˜€ Until our next adventures! πŸ˜€

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