Ways to tell if your guy is Wonderful

(Disclaimer: This was a post I wrote before on my Facebook account about 2 years ago. This is not meant to generalize all the men out there but this is just based on the authors personal opinion. Just wanted to share this here ).

Find someone who completes your every sentence

Who anticipates what you need and laughs at your jokes no matter how corny they may seem

Who stays up with you till the wee hours of the morning just so you and him can chat on the phone

Who will hold and kiss your hand and whisper to your ear how much you mean to him

Who will take pains to fetch you and bring you back to your place just to see you safe and sound

Who will put his heart out on his sleeve when you tend to break loose and let go

Who will buy you food and carry your heavy bag just to cater to your demands

Who texts you every now and then just to see if you’re okay

Who introduces you to his family and will be  proud to show you off

Who will recognize your authenticity, idiosyncrasies and childish ways but still manages to love you despite it all

 Who deals with your incessant mood swings and hysterics

 Who will renounce everything for you because that’s how worth it you are

 Who admits to the whole world how much he loves you.

And most of all..

Find a guy who will love you at your worst, be your confidant and who will defend you against all odds because you know that he will always be by your side no matter what.


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