My Weekly Diary Update: Halloween Trick or Treat and Whitening Scrub at Ysa

Since its back to school and work for me again tomorrow I will make the most of this blog post and give you a low down on the “fun filled” things that happened to me this week. Some of my friends commented that “They admire my writing and posts since it’s very personal and its like writing in your diary” That’s why the title of this blog is “The Lost Diaries” because it was meant to be my online diary of my various adventures and personal experiences as I go along through this awesome adventure filled life. Happy reading! ๐Ÿ˜€

Our Own Halloween version which I posted in my Instagram account: louchai_03
Our Own Halloween version which I posted in my Instagram account: louchai_03

For starters since I was working during the whole week including the holidays and the weekends we had our very own version of the Halloween trick or treat celebration wherein we made our rounds throughout the various floors in the hospital doling out specially designed balloons to some of our pediatric patients while having their photos taken with my office mate TJ who happened to be donned in a Greek God costume.

Smile for the camera :)
Smile for the camera ๐Ÿ™‚
TJ with the balloons
TJ with the balloons

Kids also donned in their own costumes ranging from storybook characters to super heroes such as this super girl and super boy sibling tandem costume. Plus instead of the usual traditional trick or treat wherein the adults would dole out treats and sweets for the kids this time around it was reversed and these cute kiddies gave us various sweets and treats like marshmallows and chocolates. Yey! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Kids! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Kids!
Hi Kids!


Such cuties!
Such cuties!

We then visited our dearly departed in the cemetery and offered our prayers for the eternal repose of their souls as we commemorated and recounted the various memories they shared with us while they were still alive.

Then after work I decided to make use of my Gift Certificates garnered from my previous events before they expired and then document my experience after availing of these services. I was supposed to head off toย Tony and Jackey to avail of my free Keratin treatment however seeing how long the queue was and due to the time constraints I had during that day I did not pursue to avail of it anymore. Also since yesterday was the last day for my Gift Certificate it’s not valid anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I opted instead to use my other Gift Certificate from Ysa Skin Care which I won during the Blogapalooza event held at the SMX Center in SM Aura.ย I was presented with a list of their skin care services such as their signature facial, intensive diamond peel treatment and their warts removal treatment. However since P and I were supposed to have dinner in a short while I just opted to try out one of their esteemed services which was their Whitening Body Scrub.


The total cost of this treatment was around 1,120 bucks and since my Gift Certificate only covered 1,000 bucks I decided to shell out the extra 120 bucks. I was tasked to proceed to their room upstairs on their 2nd floor in their Taguig branch. I first got acquainted with this branch since my friend Kat used to frequent this place before for her teeth whitening treatments and also for her facial sessions.


Then I was given out a hair mask and a disposable underwear as I was instructed to undress to be ready for the treatment. I was then told to lie down on my face while they slowly started off with the scrub. The texture of the scrub was grainy and you can really feel the microbeads as they were applied to your whole body by the attendant from your nape to your back, to your underarms to all your body crevices including your groin area to make sure that your whole body was covered.

The Scrub

The whole treatment took around 30 minutes and then I was tasked to bathe in their shower which was well adjusted to just the right temperature for me and I was handed a new towel to dry myself afterwards. I made sure that no granules or beads were left on my body and then towel dried myself soon after.

I dressed up and headed downstairs to where the attendants were and settled my remaining balance as I chatted away with their attendants as they told me that other bloggers like Jill from The Food Scoutย  and Yuki a Fashion Blogger also had some of their services done there.

Me and their receptionist
Me and their receptionist
Photo grabbed from my Instagram account documenting my experience
Photo grabbed from my Instagram account documenting my experience

My skin felt definitely moisturized, smoother, silkier and refreshed after the treatment. Perhaps it was due to the exfoliation of those dead skin cells by those microbeads used to graze over my body. Overall it was a good experience! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you Ysa! Looking forward to trying out your other services.

To get in touch with them here’s their Websiteย 

Do check them out for your own pampering experience ๐Ÿ™‚




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