Who is your Super Hero?

We all have our HERO icons right? Whether it be the Marvel characters that we really idolize and queue up for when their much awaited and anticipated movies hit our cinemas. Whether it be the Avengers, The Legendary Ironman, The very clever and introverted Batman, The masculine and handsome Superman or our very own Captain America who charmed his way to our heart due to his boyish charms, innate charisma and stellar good looks.

I need a HERO
I need a HERO

What am I trying to point out here you may ask? 🙂 Well, what I am trying to insinuate here is that there is a HERO in all of us. Yes! 🙂 You read me right! 🙂 You can be a HERO too. “How can that be when I am just a normal person?” you may question.

Well in all honesty, a HERO is actually someone who is ordinary (Yup you read it right again! ORDINARY but he/ she does EXTRAORDINARY things.

They go out of their comfort zone and way to affect people and change their lives forever. It may be the nurse who took care of you on your hospital bed when you were ill stricken, it could be your Mom who raised you up all on her own due to the fact that your Dad walked out on you guys at a very young age leaving all the burden to your Mom (Such a great feat that is!) , It can be your Dad who is a great provider for your family toiling night and day in order to give you a good education and provide you with a life of comfort, it could be your partner who stood with you despite all the hurdles and the unfavorable circumstances you guys were effaced with or it could be YOU.

On the 8th of November, Saturday, 6:00 PM, aspiring and seasoned volunteers from the youth sector will meet at Co.Lab, Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City to tell their own tales and listen to others. Php 250 will avail participants of a Hero Of D Day kit, certificate, food, drinks, and an invaluable storytelling experience.

Share your own HERO story since by this you have the power to immortalize individuals and events, incite ideas and action, and bring people together. It is in the spirit of this powerfully unifying practice that Hero Of D Day and CSR World bring to you Share a Story, Save the World: A Volunteers’ Meet-up.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to share volunteer stories with fellow volunteers. Juana Change, an advocate of freedom, justice, good governance, and social change is slated to speak at the event. Geoanna Corneby, a Corporate Social Responsibility officer and an active volunteer for various NGOs that further youth development, empowerment of the poor, and nation building, will be conducting a writing workshop for the participants as a culminating activity as well.

Share a Story, Save the World: A Volunteers’ Meet-up is led by two groups one in the cause – Hero Of D Day and CSR World.

Hero Of D Day is a social media organization that believes there is a hero in every one. Focusing the lens on the everyday hero, it recognizes great and small acts of heroism by collecting stories and publishing them online. CSR World  meanwhile is the youth department of Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation that ensures the knowledge and experience of young people on CSR 3.0 – Citizenship, Sustainability and Responsibility – are comprehensive and will enable them to be better citizens.

Both organizations focus on stories of volunteers and volunteerism and through this joint event, they aim to inspire participants to pursue their passion for helping others and live lives worth telling stories about.

To register for the event, please go to www.heroofdday.org/hoddhuddlecsrworld.

For more information on Hero Of D Day, visit www.heroofdday.org.

Like them on facebook.com/heroofdday.org and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @heroofdday.

For inquiries, email info@heroofdday.org. To know more about CSR World, visit http://bcyfoundation.org/wp/.

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