Movie Review: Big Hero 6

I will try my best to decrease my back log with regards to blogging since another week is fast approaching and my weekend is coming to a close in a couple of hours. I still have a lot to do on my itinerary so I better get a head start on those pertinent matters. This coming Tuesday I will be gracing a VIP Screening for the movie You’re not You and will make another movie review soon up on my blog.  Yey! 🙂 Thank you for my ticket Ms. Jing! :).

Check out her website at: Amazing Jing.

Moving on, last Tuesday Arvin (My classmate in school) and I decided to jog around the block to keep ourselves in shape since we haven’t been very keen on hitting the gym and getting ourselves healthy lately. So moving on after work we met up at Track 30 to get started on our stretching exercises and then set to circle the track to the best of our capacity. Then we headed off to Fitness first where he shared his diet regimen with me there.

I soon afterwards decided to freshen up a bit since P and I were supposed to watch this new cartoon movie called Big Hero 6. To catch a general idea of what I’m conversing about here’s a quick trailer of the movie.

Loosely adapted from an obscure Marvel Comics title and set in the slightly futuristic city of San Fransokyo (where cable cars and cherry blossoms co-exist in perfect harmony), the funny and heartwarming story about the bond between a teen tech geek and a gentle robot represents another can’t-miss movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It’s a movie that’s as fun to watch as it is funny.

To be honest, I think that the real appeal of “Big Hero 6” isn’t its action packed scenes nor it is the up to date technology  that the film presented and continually tried to portray during the duration of the two hour film nor was it the high technology laser beams, flight equipment, chemically induced reactions, fast wheels and other genius creations by this seemingly nerdy misfits. It’s the central character’s heart. That may sound strange, to talk about a movie that’s built around a robot in that way, but Baymax bears an uncanny resemblance to WALL-E and other amiable automatons. They eventually bring home the bacon and wins the day, not by overriding his inner soft spot and tending to his seemingly humane care and compassion but by harnessing it.

This is definitely a must see! 🙂 Bring your kids and your loved ones with you as you sit back and relax on your lazy boy seats and get ready to be touched and teary eyed along the course of this fun filled, ecstatic and action packed cartoon. 😀



  1. (sorry, i made a typo in my previous comment. it’s can’t pinpoint not “can”)

    Personally, I can’t pinpoint what makes this movie a big hit. More than just Baymax is the brother behind Baymax. I really cried in this movie. A real must-see and must-buy DVD when it comes out. One of my favorites!

    1. I definitely concur! 🙂 This is a must see wile the whole family in tow. 🙂 I honestly got a little teary eyed as well as some of those scenes struck me 🙂 Definitely worth your time and money 🙂

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