Food Review: Main Street

Since I was coding during this day I decided to go along with my friends as they tried out this new joint along the confines of the upscale Mckinley Hill in the Fort. Along the course of the ride we were all enjoying the friendly banter and the witty retorts from Kai and Bebs.

I parked in front of this joint and then headed off to the second deck where we were ushered in and seated.

Group Shot
Group Shot
Photo I posted in my instagram account louchai_03
Photo I posted in my instagram account louchai_03

Kai, Jha and Me
Kai, Jha and Me
Bebs, Jana and Kat
Bebs, Jana and Kat


We then closed in on our orders. Since I was about to meet P and his high school friends in a couple of hours I just halved my order with my friend Jha and we had their signature fish and chips.


To be honest, I got excited upon seeing the generous serving of this dish and was expecting this dish to leave my taste buds with such an unparalleled gustatory taste. Boy I was wrong! 😦 Brace yourselves for this.

Classic Fish and Chips (P240). Two pieces of deep fried, battered dory served with tartar sauce and fries. I found the fish was like eating plastic! Jha and I weren’t happy with our orders since the fish was a tad overcooked for our liking and the fries were way too oily. The server also forgot about our order and had to rush last minute to just give this to us.

Next on our stop, Jana then ordered their Buttermilk Chicken which she found out to be raw while she was slicing her food into tiny bits. Parts of this dish were not cooked and you can even see some blood from the raw chicken. She knew this of course because she cooks also at home. Due to her dissatisfaction she had this dish replaced.         IMG_1082  .

Buttermilk Fried Chicken (P260). Three pieces of fried chicken served with garlic cream sauce and herbed rice.

Bebs then ordered their Steak which got us all really excited since it looked very promising from their Menu.


Grilled Steak (P360). Steak and eggs atop  their famous herbed rice. This didn’t go well with her taste to be honest since she didn’t really fancy the rice which came along with it. I forked myself a little morselof this dish and found the meat to be a tad undercooked and hard to masticate. I had to mix it with the egg which came along with the dish for it to be more flavorful.


Poutine (P145). French fries topped with cheddar cheese curds and smothered in gravy. This one was quite okay. I loved their cheesy bits that came along with this dish but wasn’t really a fan of their gravy sauce. To cap off the night I had their ice cream with chocolate bits.


This for me was the only good thing about this place and my friends consented to it too. We weren’t really happy  and ecstatic with the turn around of events since the waitress punched in some stuff we did not order so she had the bill changed. Also she forgot to deliver two of our orders since she did not include my fish and chips and my ice cream on her order sheet while she was taking down our orders. 😦

I do hope this improves the next time we frequent the place.

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