Be a HERO: A Volunteers Meet Up

I was fortunate along with 4 other bloggers to be invited last week to this volunteer meet up with other people and teens who had the same passion and paradigm in life which is to make this world a better place.

Photo I posted in my Instagram account documenting this experience. We were all smiles posing with our certificates.
Photo I posted in my Instagram account documenting this experience. We were all smiles posing with our certificates.

It was held along the confines of Kapitolyo Pasig and P was gracious enough to come with me to this blogging event of mine. Yey! 😀 Moving on, when we came in there Ms. Denggai, one of their esteemed guest speakers was already sharing her advocacy and her life experiences setbacks included which helped shaped her to the person she is now. She had been actively participating in political activities in order for the masses voice to be heard by the upper management in this country which happens to be the government. Such spirit and vigor right there! 😀


She along with other strong willed and outspoken citizens pushed for the abolition of the much contested and talked about pork barrel or PDAF tiff amongst our senators and officials. Let us help by supporting their advocacy and signing up for the abolition of this PDAF which perpetrates more corruption when misused.


Then we had Ms. Geo who shared her inspirational stories as she continuously pushed for change by documenting such positive accounts and stories on her social media sites instead of spewing out negativity like all the others out there. We should be more like her and try to focus more on things in a positive light than just zoning on all the bad news spouting all over our news feeds nowadays.

We were also able to share our stories about our own CSR experience and how we got started with volunteerism. One kid I talked to inspired me a lot since he told me that he usually doled out some of his extra food to those unfortunate mendicants seen along the streets. Most of them were just being used by syndicates for their own profitable benefits so he usually gives out food instead of monetary aid to help them out.


Another guy I talked to shared how he finds time to juggle his volunteer works despite his very busy calendar schedule since he is also working for P&G as an IT Consultant which tends out to be very tedious and takes a toll on his schedule. (If there’s a will there’s a way right?).

Other bloggers who also graced the event were David from productsblog, Ranne from ranneeveryday and Pia from piathought. We all enjoyed exchanging various stories and experiences and we were all given certificates soon after.



Thanks to Ms. Janelle who also happened to be a blogger for organizing this event and also for the invite. Looking forward to your next sessions. 😀  More power to your advocacy. 😀




  1. Janelle says:

    Thank you for going on our event, Lou and Pat! 🙂
    See you again next time!

    1. teampatlou says:

      Thank you also for this awesome event Janelle! See you next time 😄. We really had fun.

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