Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

I have read and pored over all the pages of this much talked about trilogy of the Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins. I was hooked from the first novel and read on until I finished all three books. That was how my love affair for this trilogy started. I have also watched The Hunger Games to Catching Fire to the first part of the last book Mockingjay Part 1.  So when I heard that this movie was about to hit the cinemas I was eagerly waiting again in the front line to catch a glimpse if it’s cinematic portrayal would do justice to the book.

For those who haven’t watched the trailer yet. Here’s a quick one for you.

Having watched Catching Fire from before, I had a lot of expectations from this movie. As played by Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss was slowly conceived as a character who was bad ass and brainy at the same time.

However, it is quite disappointing to note that in this film she was just a passive pawn to how the whole time came about and how it all panned out in the end. The movie  starts off when Katniss was rescued and brought to the rebels’ underground fortress in District 13 where the anti-Capitol leaders plot their next strike against President Snow. 

They were actually  hatching a plan to turn Katniss into the symbol of the resistance and spur the angst of the  citizens of Panem to rise up against the Capitol. They then eventually send off  Katniss and Gale to the front lines with a film crew that records her battlefield heroics and widely broadcasts everything to the various districts to spur up their hate and animosity and in turn attack the Capitol. 

The plot takes a twist when Peeta reappears in the Capitol, and guests in a series of interviews with journalist Caesar. He  urges a cease-fire from all the districts to stop the rebel attacks against the Capitol since they will retaliate to destroy without mercy all those districts who beg to differ. The betrayal affects her emotions making her realize that her feelings for him weren’t a charade after all.

However just when the story finally manage to get interesting toward the end, it screeches to a halt and ends. What a tease.

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