Movie Review: If I Stay

I have always wanted to watch this film since everyone especially my girl friends had been gushing about it the minute it hit the cinemas. The plot was based on a best selling novel and it appeals to the emotions of the same audience of the book TFIOS.

It also tackles issues and emotions that are  realistic and hard to bear for the faint of heart. It was just recently that I finally found the luxury of time to sit back and relax while watching this tear jerking movie.

To get a general idea I attached here the trailer of the movie. Enjoy watching 🙂 Hope you watch it for yourselves too it’s a neat movie! 🙂

The story starts off fine and introduces this  teenage lass called Mia who was initially bred to be a rock star like her parents and her kid brother Teddy. However, things seem to find a different route when she falls in love with the cello the first time she laid her eyes on it. She got hooked on the order and orchestrations that has to be mastered into perfection to produce a wonderful piece.

The story also revolves around her love interest in the form of this rock star stud muffin called Adam who tours around the world with his hard rock band and gets signed up in turn with a couple of labels and they end up being bigger stars than what they initially planned.

Mia on the other hand pursues her dreams and applies for a scholarship to Julliard wherein she was granted an audition with the poker faced panelists. The result of this audition is just looming in on the corner and will later on be revealed throughout the course of the movie. Everything seems to go on a high road from here until that fatal car crash which kills her whole family in the process and sends things going to a spiraling downward turn from here.

A series of flashbacks and fleeting moments of elation and sorrow ensues. She is also torn as to follow her dreams to becoming a well renowned cellist or follow the love of her life and live a life on the road to stardom.



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