Because Life’s a BEACH: Palawan 2014

We make it a point to travel and end our year with another milestone or a memory worth noting so for this year what better way to end my 2014 than embarking again on a back packing trip with no less than the underground rivers and caves of Palawan and  diving off into their pristine waters by the shores.

The Three Musketeers off to another adventure
The Three Musketeers off to another adventure

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Win A Sony PlayStation 4 this Christmas!

What if I tell you that you can WIN a SONY PLAYSTATION 4 this Christmas if you play Fiesta7? Isn’t amazing, right?

How about if I tell you that there is an APP-GIVING- PRIZES-FOR-FREE that is already out in the market? It’s not a scam and it’s for real! Now you might be curious  WHO CAN JOIN?. Here are the mechanics! 😀

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A Look back on my 2014

With every passing year new memories, milestones and life experiences that will forever be etched into our memories should be recounted before moving on to another eventful year ahead of you. These memories make us who we are right now since they mold, shape and change us in ways which are not conceivable to some.

A Lookback
A Look back

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16th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair happening this January 3&4, 2015

With all the hype on my Facebook news feed as of late about the grand proposals which were very well planned  to the simple yet sentimental ones being promulgated by the soon to be newly weds. This event is really up to date and would definitely help steer them in the right direction especially for those who want that seamlessly well executed wedding.

This is a once in a lifetime event and for those lucky few weddings just happen once in your life so better make your dream wedding into a reality.

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UNIQLO brings back its luxurious +J Collaboration this Holiday

Last week, I was privileged to be granted an exclusive by invite only VIP pass to the launch of it’s new line of clothes by the international, well acclaimed clothing magnate UNIQLO. This stellar event was held at the grounds of SM Aura. Celebrities, models, well known media personnel and influential fashion bloggers were invited to cover this event. We even had the rare opportunity to get our first dibs on this +J collection of theirs! Such a great find I must say! 😀

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Certified Bloggers First Christmas Party at the Victoria Court Suites

With so many events lined up along the way, I have to catch up on my backlog with regards to blogging as I venture off again into another adventure to cap off my 2014 😀 Will post the photos and blog about it soon after. 🙂

To start off this blog post, last week happened to be the very first Christmas party of the Certified Bloggers group which I was cordially invited to by Ms. Sol  (The founder of the group). Lifestyle, Food, Sports and Travel bloggers from all over the Metro gathered together and willed the heavy congested roads of Edsa to celebrate together this momentous occasion spearheaded by Ms. Sol and our sponsors.

Asgard Themed Room
Asgard Themed Room

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Party beyond no other at Victoria Court

Victoria Court offers world-class suites, each one distinct from the other. The most sought after suites are the Asgard inspired from the movie Thor, the romantic Marrakesh Suite, Batcave from The Dark Night and other fun exciting themes for you to choose from. Our guests have a wide choice of rooms depending on size, design and preferred themes: Standard, Deluxe and Suites with variants of mini-suites, regular suites and super thematic suites, all different themes. At Victoria Court, no two rooms are the same.

Malate -CasinoRoyale

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Share the Feast not the Fat with Fisher Farms this Season

It’s Christmas once more!! 🙂 Events, company parties, school reunions and loads of family gatherings will surely line up your calendar for the past weeks or so and one thing is for certain: There will always be Good Food set on our tables for us to consume and gobble up.
Share the Feast not the Fat
Share the Feast not the Fat

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New Joint on the block: Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe

Along the confines of Quezon City lies a newly opened filial joint which will surely tickle your fancy and your gustatory senses. Also your other penchants and likes will be addressed here since they offer a wide array of lessons and creative outlets for you to savor and experience. Last Friday Night November 21, 2014 around 4pm we were privileged to be invited along with a couple of media bloggers and influential writers to experience first hand what Mateo’s  has to offer and we were definitely blown away by what they had in store for us! 🙂

Me with Senyorita Cara our Spanish teacher
Me with Senyorita Cara our Spanish teacher

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