16th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair happening this January 3&4, 2015

With all the hype on my Facebook news feed as of late about the grand proposals which were very well planned  to the simple yet sentimental ones being promulgated by the soon to be newly weds. This event is really up to date and would definitely help steer them in the right direction especially for those who want that seamlessly well executed wedding.

This is a once in a lifetime event and for those lucky few weddings just happen once in your life so better make your dream wedding into a reality.

Wedding This event happening at the grounds of Megamall will surely guide you throughout the whole arduous process of making your dream wedding into a reality. From choosing your caterers to picking out the most viable and best packages suited for your needs.

Here’s a list of some of their exhibitors for the said event.

Anna Cornelio


Cake Botique

Mayfel Events


Mines Of gold

Mary ann martinez


A perfect Day

Balai Isabel

Drean Catcher

Blessed heart

Diamons with Love

Marco & Oyama


Prestige Cruise

Vie Magazine

Teceruma Salon


Judy Uson

Mixology Events


Seka Mojal

Yabes Films

Nowelly Salon

Ba studio

Keishley Grace

Cilla Events

27a Flower Shop

Ask Jenne today

Island cove


I-Flick Photo booth


Don Robert

SJT Strings

Switched On Lights

RV Mitra Photography

Higher Grounds Management Services


Tugawe Cove

Shutter Steve

Manny Mondelo

Misibis Bay

Studio 1

Victor Reyes Photography

Anna Vannessa Lo

Extreme Details

Treasured Memories

Gems By Me

CD Worx

Power Image

Rachelle Mathews

For more details check out their websites here:

Website : weddingfairphilippines.com

Facebook page: Facebook.com/weddingfairmanila

Instagram : @weddingfairphilippines

Twitter: @islandexhibit

YouTube: YouTube.com/islandexhibitlink


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