Because Life’s a BEACH: Palawan 2014

We make it a point to travel and end our year with another milestone or a memory worth noting so for this year what better way to end my 2014 than embarking again on a back packing trip with no less than the underground rivers and caves of Palawan and  diving off into their pristine waters by the shores.

The Three Musketeers off to another adventure
The Three Musketeers off to another adventure

Our flight got delayed by four hours thanks to PAL (Philippine Airlines) considered to be the premiere airline of the Philippines which left passengers irate and agitated. Nonetheless, we decided to stick with the plan and just wait it out until our boarding.

I just listened to my podcasts on my phone while waiting and slept a little since I wasn’t able to have a decent sleep the night before due to the early time of departure or so we thought.

Anyway, we were moved in with another flight and were transferred into an International plane which was more bigger, spacious but also more crowded. The flight took approximately an hour and 30 minutes or so and when we arrived at the airport it was scorching hot!!

Good thing our accommodations were already waiting for us there to take us to our hotel. We freshened up a bit from the sweltering heat of the sun and then we had some lunch at a nearby stall then waited for our tour bus to arrive.

We first stopped by the crocodile farm and were in awe at the various wild animals and species all over the place. We even saw a snake in close proximity as it rustled its way through the bushes. Good thing we weren’t bitten or attacked since it was just out on the loose the whole time.

Then we also saw various birds and wild boars along the way but the highlight of this trip was when we held a live crocodile on our bare hands.

Photo I posted in my Instagram

I can just recall the time when I had my photo taken in Ilocos while patting a live Tiger!! 🙂 Then we headed off to Baker’s Hill and helped ourselves to the delicacies offered there and also snapped some photos along the way. A crew of boys even asked to have a photo taken with me. Funny. They might have mistaken me for someone else haha.

Anyway moving on, we then ventured to the Mitra Mansion where the ranch boasts of it’s spacious green fields and hills. We were just enjoying the awesome view from the mountain top while I roamed around the vicinity of the place to snap some more shots.

IMG_2483  IMG_2476  IMG_2470   IMG_2454  IMG_2453



There was a horse riding session there, a Zip Line Area and also a picnic ground where families can gather and eat out together. 🙂 Then we headed off home and I had a full body massage to cap off the night.


The next day we woke up early in the morning to venture into the underground river. We were seated in a van of 12 where we were mixed with a couple of back packers from all over the globe. We even made friends with these tourists from Israel and California. Two of them happened to be young twenty something girls from Israel who just came from their mandatory two year training course where they were taught to fire and shoot.






The other two were back packers from California, the girl happened to be a lawyer specializing in Criminal Law and the Guy was a biochemist who worked for Novartis before.

We explored the various stone formations and were in awe of the majestic caves as we cruised our way down the river bend. Then we headed out to have a fantastic dinner by the grill afterwards with my girls.

On the third day we ventured again to the Honda Bay to dive and explore the aquatic wonders. We rented their aqua shoes and some snorkeling gear for us to see clearly down under later. We were then ushered to our respective boats and were instructed to jump in the middle of the sea to see for ourselves the majestic corals and the pristine beaches.




I even spotted Nemo and Dory while swimming around the sea 😀 We also had a buffet lunch composed of oysters, mussels, adobo, salads and various noodles. Most of the guests were all foreigners diving off to the various dive spots and feeding the various schools of fishes.

We were supposed to go ride the Banana boat but I was too tired and wanted to relax so I opted for a massage by the beach instead. I was even supposed to get a Henna Tatoo perched over my shoulder but due to time constraints I just settled with the massage.

Words could not aptly describe this sojourn to this island as it was nothing short of amazing. I may be sun burnt and dead tired but the experience was definitely worth it.


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