How I celebrated Christmas :)

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog and I know I missed blogging too as much as my friends missed reading my posts. Sorry! The last couple of weeks had just been crazy and fun filled interspersed with moments of work and bonding with the fambam! 🙂 So without further ado. Let me get started on my first entry for this year 2015! 🙂  Yey!

Family Portrait
Family Portrait

Brace yourselves as I embark again into an endless chatter and regale you with my fun filled holiday bash! 🙂 haha. Dating back to my last post which was around December 23, 2014 wherein we just recently came back from our sojourn in Palawan and didn’t really had that much time to take everything in and into account due to the hustle and bustle brought about by the holiday rush and the last minute Christmas Shopping we had to do.

We were already rushing in to buy our gifts and do our last minute errands before the clock strikes 12 ! 🙂 Looks like an Amazing Race challenge right?? 🙂 haha. That’s what I thought too!

P and I decided to meet up and scout the stalls of Greenhills to look around, canvass and buy some tokens and gifts for my friends, family members and my office mates. After making our rounds like the security guards for around 6x! We soon got tired of walking around the festive mall and settled with some cute tokens which I had gift wrapped soon after.

Guess my inner kuripot eventually succumbed since I wanted to bargain, haggle and negotiate with the prices with the store vendors as long as it would take since I wanted to maximize my budget and dole out gifts for all those people who have touched my life at one point or another. But, due to the time constraints I eventually relented to a fair price after much haggling and bargaining. I also heard my tummy grumbling from all those walking and looking around so I guess it was already time for lunch.We had lunch at around 2 pm already since we were too caught up in the moment of looking for fairly priced deals! 🙂 haha.

Then we both heard mass and proceeded to have dinner and then we both celebrated our own Noche Buena feasts with our own families. 🙂 There were a lot of food on our table that night! 🙂 haha. One of the reasons why I love this season is due to the rampant supply of delectable treats and mouth watering dishes like my favorite Roast beef, our very own Turkey, of course the usual staples like the hot chocolate, the sweet ham slices, some Cheesedog on sticks, Caldereta, Kare- Kare, Lengua and also other sumptuous dishes! 🙂


Before the feast!
Before the feast!

IMG_2788 IMG_2787




My Lola’s Specialty. I wasn’t able to take photos of all the food since we were too busy enjoying ourselves! haha


After regaling each other with stories and keeping tabs on each others lives we decided to cap off the night at around 2am since we will have lunch in our Aunt’s place in a couple of hours.

Due to the lack of sleep we first had our caffeine fix early in the morning and then proceeded to prepare ourselves for our brunch at my Aunt’s crib. As expected another sumptuous feast was already prepared and laid down for us on their den. 😀

I guess we made Christmas and New Year an occasion to remember since everyone from the adults, to the house helpers to the kids were all in and very participative in the games our cousins prepared for us that day. Me and my cousin Mickie also had some raffle prizes to dole out to our young cousins. 😀

The Kids and the Helpers playing Hep Hep Hooray
The Kids and the Helpers playing Hep Hep Hooray
Everyone was having fun! :)
Everyone was having fun! 🙂

I also had an individual gift for each one of them aside from the raffle prizes I gave out 🙂 Seeing the smiles on their faces made everything worth it. 🙂 Of course, there ensued soon after the raucous cheers from us, the friendly banter,  and the witty retorts coming from both the contending teams. What about those who lost the games?? You may ask 🙂  Well we also gave out consolation prizes for them.


In the end everyone went home happy with their eyes sparkling, their wallets thick from the cash prizes they received and their stomachs full 🙂 Indeed it was a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

The Red Team!
The Red Team!

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