Movie Review: Beauty in a Bottle

Everyone is all into beauty these days right? I mean who wouldn’t be? With all those glaring 6 pack washboard abs, taut flat bellies without scars nor stretch marks, porcelain/ alabaster skin, poignant noses, and killer smiles of our favorite celebrities plastered all over EDSA and in our movie screens and social media feeds.

What got me watching this movie is because it actually pokes fun at the deepest insecurities women feel nowadays especially when it comes to how they look on the outside. Is it really superficial beauty that matters? Watch and find out 🙂

Beauty in a Bottle, concentrates on the semi- intertwined lives of three women, a late-thirties creative director, an overweight starlet, and the not-so-pretty girlfriend of a wealthy boy-next-door, whose lives would temporarily revolve around a newly-launched beauty product.

Vilma (Assunta de Rossi),  an already well known and established creative director is very competitive and is eventually is forced to come up with a brilliant campaign for rejuvenating pills when suddenly faced with competition from a much-younger creative (Ellen Adarna).

Estelle (Angelica Panganiban), an upcoming starlet who pales in comparison with Empress another more famous cohort from showbiz was put under fire for gaining a lot of unnecessary weight. She is running to be the celebrity endorser for the beauty pills, however she must lose the extra pounds just to make the cut.

Judith (Angeline Quinto), the not so pretty insecure girlfriend of a wealthy handsome lad decides to try out the beauty pills to give her the confidence to face the family of her boyfriend (Tom Rodriguez).

This movie, Beauty in a Bottle tends to poke fun at female insecurities, vanity, consumerism, show business, and how all of those very current realities and more are all intertwined with each other. The characters eventually realize that what is pertinent is invisible to the naked eye.

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