Food Review: Shi Lin Powerplant Mall Rockwell

Since enrollment for the next term was already due this week I decided to head out afterwards to eat at Shi Lin since I was craving for my ultimate favorite “Century Eggs” so where better to head off than Shi Lin since its conveniently located at the 3rd floor of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

Their signature "Soup Dumplings"
Their signature “Soup Dumplings”

Once I was seated I asked for my food staples such as the jelly fish with my favorite century eggs, my porkchop with rice, the green leafy spinach and also one dumpling from their Menu. I asked the waiter for his recommendation as to their best seller and he suggested their Xiao Long Pao, often referred to as “soup dumplings”.

Another shot at this favorite food staple
Another shot at this favorite food staple

The soup inside the soft delicate bun makes all the difference! It is steamed to perfection. No other restaurant around the metro comes close to this one, most of them serve overcooked Xiao Long Pao, with the soup inside all dried up. However, the wrapper seems to break easily so you have to be extra careful when choosing this dumpling since it might spill on you. Also it is not advisable to leave it under such a heated temperature for so long since the soup inside this steamed dish easily dries up quickly leaving this dumpling not that tasty anymore thereby losing its touch.

My ultimate favorite
My ultimate favorite

Their Pork chop atop their fried rice is also a treat to your gustatory cravings since it is full of flavor from the skin of the dish until the fried rice replete with all the needed ingredients and toppings. They are carefully mixed so the flavor is evenly distributed throughout the whole masterpiece.

Porkchop with Rice
Porkchop with Rice

We were too full to order any dessert so we settled instead for their hot cup of tea which cost us only 40 bucks and was refilled every time we were close to empty since it has unlimited servings 🙂 haha. Plus it aids also in our digestion due to the hefty treat we just consumed.

Overall, prices were practical and reasonable. The service was commendable since they were attentive and receptive to our needs and the ambiance was great for dining our with your family or with friends while sipping hot cups of tea in between conversations.

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