Catching up at Burgers and Brewskies

I could not quite believe that it’s already Sunday night and in a few hours from now it will already be Monday wherein I have to be up and about again early in the morning to prepare for work despite me wanting to squeeze in some more time for my luxury sleep. Yes! Sleep is a rarity and a luxury for me these days. But nonetheless I still somehow manage to survive everyday with a little cup of coffee and a little early morning stretch! 🙂

Photo collage I made documenting this catch up session with my pretty friend
Photo collage I made documenting this catch up session with my pretty friend

Moving forward, despite my already full planner penned with all my activities  for the month it’s such relief and a breath of fresh air to catch up with my friends during my free time so I really treasure those. 🙂

Last week I had this catching up session with my friend Anna whom I haven’t seen for  quite some time now since she resigned from St. Lukes before and decided to venture off into another company where she is doing quite well. 🙂

We met at Burgers and Brewskies along the confines of Burgos Circle and it took me quite a while to get there since I had to do a little jog from my point of origin 🙂 We had some taco’s drizzled in cheese and topped with bell peppers, tomatoes and grounded beef. We also split the burger topped with mushrooms and cheese into two since both of us were quite full since we already ate prior to meeting up.

One of their best selling appetizers according to their food server
One of their best selling appetizers according to their food server

The Taco’s were quite dry and lacking in cheese and other condiments, the ground beef weren’t also well distributed throughout the whole appetizer and the burger was quite okay nothing noteworthy as per the taste. I guess I just expected more from the place or maybe we just haven’t tried out their best sellers which were their Sangrias and Margaritas.  I wasn’t really in the mood to get buzzed that night especially since I was driving on the way home so we just decided to stay clean and sober especially since alcohol wasn’t really our thing.

Then after loads of stories exchanged spanning from a wide array of topics from work, life, career and school we then decided to help ourselves digest the heavy meal that we just consumed so we headed off to UCC located nearby and helped ourselves to some hot cups of coffee and tea while taking mince bites of the salted caramel cake with frosting that she ordered. It was definitely a great night of catching up and rekindling the good old memories. 🙂 Until the next time 🙂

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