Movie Review: That thing called Tadhana

Since it has been the talk of the town for weeks now since it came out at the cinemas. People couldn’t stop commenting on how true to life the scenes were and how well everything was well played and portrayed on the silver screen. I wanted to see for myself on how true these allegations were about this indie film by Jadaone. So what better way to see if what they said held some water in it by going to the cinemas and watching the movie first hand with my ultimate partner in crime P.

Here’s a quick trailer on this much talked about movie. 🙂 In case you haven’t watched it yet.

The film has a simple plot to it Boy meets girl in an airport, The latter was moving on  from a heartbreak caused by her former flame of 8 years whom she thought was “The One” and then from this uncanny encounter of the two lost souls they seem to compliment each other in more ways than what they formerly thought.

They then venture off into Baguio and Sagada to release all the pain and the suffering that their past experiences in life caused them. One of the notable lines I keenly remember was when Anthony our protagonist male said to Mace (Angelica) that “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice”

I was moved along with the other movie goers since they seemed to squirm at their seats at the utterance of every kilig line from the two unlikely pair. JM is the ultimate poster boy model of the simple boy next door type of guy who goes along with the flow and tends to keep his cool and his top despite other circumstances that may put his faith and patience to a test.

Mace on the other hand was very effective in conveying her deep seated heartache and resentment over her past lover who left her for someone else after almost 8 years of being together as a couple. As one of the lines from the movie goes “Wala sa tagal yan, Kung hindi ka na niya mahal. Hindi ka na niya mahal” OMG. Such strong and potent words to be uttered by someone you barely even know yet so true and piercing.

I guess at the end of the day, despite the simple plot and the open ended ending of the story it was pretty good I may  say since you can really feel the emotions, so many FEELS and relatable in more ways than one. Kudos to the director for creating such a hit in the big screen. The John Lloyd tear jerker movie called “One More Chance” was even brought to the table and truly it was really one of the best Tagalog movies that I watched and even up to this day I still memorize some of the lines from that movie.

See the impact of good movies? It sticks with you through time. 🙂

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