Extreme Adventures at Sandbox Pampanga

Since we rarely get time to go on vacations and I will be going away to Thailand in a couple of weeks now for almost a week. I wanted to make the most of my Holy Week vacation by catching up on my readings, bonding and spending quality time with the people I love the most like my family and of course catching up on my much needed sleep 😉 Yey! 🙂 That was my favorite part! 🙂 I have to make this post fast since it’s almost past my bedtime and I have to sleep again in a couple of minutes since it’s already going to be Monday again tomorrow. Hello Work! 🙂

Me enjoying the slide :)
Me enjoying the slide 🙂


Anyway, moving on we had a blast yesterday despite the scorching heat of the sun and the very, very long queues which seemed to last forever! 🙂 I honestly didn’t expect the volume of people there yesterday at the Sandbox since I was quite expecting everyone to be in their hometowns, provinces or better yet out of the country but I guess I was wrong and perhaps this place had some rave reviews and good feedback that’s why people were like doves who flocked to the place despite it being like a dessert due to the scarcity of food stalls, games, rides and since the land was very dry and was mostly marked by a vast area of sand under the scorching heat of the sun.




We arrived there at the place a little past 11am which was almost lunch time already and everyone was already lining up to avail of their packages. When we got to the counter to settle our dues we were advised that the only package available one was the package E which was around 540 bucks if I recall it right. However it only included the mini golf, a zipline and an archery so we opted instead to have the individual rides since we didn’t want to try the mini golf and instead wanted the giant swing, the archery and the zip line.

Waiting for every ride took us almost an hour for each ride, good thing we ticked off first the archery in our list. I felt like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games while I was holding the bow and arrow in my hands. It was quite heavy actually and you really need good eyesight to hit the target on point. 🙂 This was actually harder for me than when I went off to the firing range a couple of months ago and cocked a loaded gun with real bullets while I happily fired around 50 bullets for the whole session.



We were given 30 minutes to complete the whole course and were only allowed to retrieve our arrows once there were no more archers aiming their arrows and everyone was on break since you might get injured there while retrieving your arrow and someone is shooting their arrows. After the archery session we then headed off to get some refreshments since the heat of the sun was burning my skin and I was already drenched in sweat from head to toe. We helped ourselves to some fries which tasted more of like nachos and also some ice tea and smoothies which shortly after ran out of stock.


We then tried out the giant swing wherein we were lifted 30 feet above the ground and were immediately released from the lever holding us. We were like a pendulum swinging back and forth and then back and forth again. I felt my heart go up to my throat and I can barely scream since for some unknown reason I lost my voice so no sound was really coming out from my mouth the whole time, I just kept it open to release the pressure in my head and in my tummy since I felt quite queasy being lifted up so high above the ground just minutes after I ate.

Then afterwards, we tried out the zip line wherein we had to climb 3 feet of stairs to get to the guy who was supposed to strap us to the contraptions and then he made me sit down after properly zipping me up to their contraption and pushed me out the door so I went straight out the door and into the field in one swoop! 🙂 It was awesome and so much fun! 🙂 Just be careful with the sudden drops brought about by the roller coaster like arrangement of the zip line. It was definitely a fun day! 🙂 Can’t wait to come back again! 🙂 Next adventure will be camping in the virgin islands of Calaguas and climbing one of the tallest mountains here in the country. 🙂 Yey! 🙂 Looking forward to these awesome adventures 🙂


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