Figaro’s New Lenten Dishes

The Lenten Season is already over but the new sumptuous additions to their Menu are far from OVER since they are good for the heart and also very refreshing to the taste buds. A couple of weeks ago I was cordially invited to taste test their new healthy dishes which their talented chef’s gladly shared with us. This session was conducted at one of their branches in Tomas Morato. Attached here are some of the photos from their event which I took with my phone. 🙂 Look how appetizing these dishes are 🙂



The photo above is their Dory Sandwich 🙂 I wasn’t really a fan of Dory and honestly the only fish dish that I fancy is the  Tuna Sashimi Salad however upon taking a bite from this sandwich all my preconceived misconceptions of the dory dish went away since this wasn’t fishy in odor or anything like that at all. In fact the crunchiness of the fish seemed to compliment the soft taste of the fish inside. 🙂 This also came in with a handful of healthy greens and one lemon on it’s side which was all I needed to make the dish more appealing to my taste buds 🙂


They also introduced their new drinks combined with various tropical fruits and a bit of coffee together to create some unique flavors:

  • Lychee Cucumber (P125)
  • Peach Cappuccino Fusion (P125)
  • Four Seasons (P125)
  • Passion Fruit Cucumber (P125)

The other drinks were refreshing to the taste buds since they were like cold slushies after a hot long day under the scorching sun. The Peach Cappuccino Fusion is the mix that I loved the most since obviously I am and forever will be a coffee lover plus I also fancy fruit shakes especially melon and mango shakes. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from this beverage but to my surprise this was just the right drink for me 🙂


Another new dish they let us taste was their pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, shrimp, mozarella and pizza cheese. It’s a lot lighter compared to the usual meat-topped pizzas.



 by the way, just a short trivia here. Did you know that if you’re a Samsung cellphone user you can download an app called Samsung Galaxy Life via the Google Play Store and score freebies from Figaro along with other partner establishments? The offers change periodically but for this month you can get a free Figaro Coffee Club Card which lets you avail of a discount every time you go to Figaro.

Log on to Figaro Coffee Company on Facebook for a list of stores.

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