The Pact by Jodi Picoult and some random thoughts

I am so hell bent on finishing this new e book I found on my Kindle which goes by the title “The Pact” I really had no clue nor idea on how the plot would play out but so far it got me hooked since it automatically piqued my curiosity upon reading who the author was “Jodi Picoult”

She wrote one of my gut wrenching, heart string tugging books “My Sister’s Keeper” which revolved basically around the theme of a dying innocent child and their family. I was transported to another dimension and was hovered over the book for quite some time as tears were slowly welling down my face, making my eyes moist. It was so touching and stirred my deep seated emotions as I felt one with the character’s dilemmas in the book. That was how effective her writing style was. Here’s a short video depicting how the plot slowly unfolds and what’s in store for you in this lengthy read.

While slowly browsing through the pages of the book through my kindle, my thoughts seemed to venture off into another galaxy and here they were going in all directions.

In the future who knows? Maybe I would publish also my own book or literature? Maybe a far cry from now but hey dreams do come true sometimes right? 🙂 I want to travel the world one destination at a time, explore various mountain terrains despite it’s ramifications on my lungs and heart since I’m not really the athletic nor mountaineer type of girl, I want to swim endlessly in the vast, deep blue seas and fly and hover over the light blue skies with the nimbus clouds in between. I want to run as fast as I could like I couldn’t care less about anything else and I want to sing and scream to my hearts delight over the hills and the mountain tops, I want to meet new friends from all over the globe and expose myself to the various cultures and immerse myself into their environment.

I want to love without any abandon without a care in the world. it would only be me and him under the dark lit skies with stars while the songs called “Collide” and “Chasing Cars” are playing in the background. We will lie on the soft, plush, green grass, drink some red wine and feel it’s every sip as it slowly goes down our throats making the world hazy and us getting that fuzzy feeling in our stomachs.

I want to talk about all sorts of stuff that a day won’t be enough to cover it all up. I want to satiate my insatiable hunger for knowledge, my curious and lost soul looking for answers to the unansered questions we seem to never fully understand and comprehend.

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