Movie Review: Insurgent

I have read all the three books in this awesome, action packed trilogy and for me this one was the best. 🙂 It definitely did justice to the book although there were slight nuances to be noted from the book to the movie execution.

To give you a preview of what this is about here’s the movie trailer of the film.

“You can take the girl out of Abnegation, but you can’t take Abnegation out of the girl!” It’s not exactly a poster tagline. Here is the second whoppingly iteration of the Divergent movie series, based on the bestselling YA trilogy by Veronica Roth. Shailene Woodley returns as rebel Tris, her natural charisma captures the scenes once again and brings its viewers to an awesome action packed scene by scene play as she tries to enact justice to her clan and balance the world again with Erudite causing such disparity amongst the factions thus resulting into such disarray.

It features loads of shootouts, athletic running and virtual reality scenes with stuff exploding in a shower of pixels. We are back in post-apocalyptic Chicago, where society is divided into factions depending on people’s aptitude: Abnegation for the selfless, Dauntless for the brave, Amity for the peaceful, Candour for the honest, and Erudite for the intelligent. They believe that balance can only be restored by placing the intelligent faction on top of their game and explaining everything in a scientific way however, this leads us to destruction and loss of peace and harmony amongst the factions. With the factionless trying to strike an alliance with the Dauntless to seize control once again of the City from Janine they now plunge into a mission which will lead to consequences of epic proportions.

Familial ties and relationships are tried and tested and loyalties are waived. This film will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat as you go along with the characters in the movie. 🙂

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