Art in Island Weekend

Since we love adventures and new jaunts along the way. We try to spice things up by making a bucket list of things that we can embark on and go to and by the end of every year we look back at what we have accomplished so far and how far we have gone to the goals that we have set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

Me in Art in Island!
Me in Art in Island!

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Anniversary Date at Lasema Korean Body Spa and Sauna

Since I am still trying to catch up with my backlog with regards to blogging since obviously I missed this big time! 🙂 I will start with baby steps and will publish at least one post per day to keep you updated on what adventures and new finds I embarked on for the past months or so.

So for starters let me first start with an overdue post which happened last April 2015. We just recently celebrated our anniversary P and me. Another achievement unlocked for us and because of that I would like to add another song here in this post which greatly encapsulates the year that has been for us.

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