Of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

A lot of things had already transpired this past two months and I constantly came into thinking on whether or not I should disclose it in my blog which took me quite a long time to update since a lot of things had already happened in between. This perhaps would be an apt soundtrack for what I’m feeling right now since life is a constant search for self discovery and finding what truly makes you happy.

This 2015, a lot of life changing events took a toll on my life mostly with regards to my career and what direction I am heading in the next years of my life. I transferred to another department last January after serving for  3 and a half years with the Patient Care Department of SLMC which had become my family since I was 22 years of age and had helped honed me into the person I am now. There were a lot of challenges that came into perspective when I made that impulsive choice to transfer to the Marketing and Business Development sector of the business. Perhaps I wanted growth? Perhaps I wanted something new? To explore another terrain out of my horizon and to grow better as a person equipped with more life skills to help me face the greater tribulations and hurdles that I may encounter in the corporate world outside the hospital setting.

Time wasn’t really my friend during that period since perhaps I stretched myself out too thinly balancing my time with handling two hospitals Quezon City and Global City wherein there were a lot of projects and since I was quite a neophyte in the Department and due to the multitude number of resignations from the previous staff members there for various reasons I got overloaded with a lot of projects on my hands, this was also coupled with my school works and also my other sidelines. However, I think that everything happens for a reason and that a decision only becomes wrong when you don’t stand by it. 🙂 Everything that happens in my life perhaps to me serves as a lesson and a blessing too for you to realize that God is paving the way for you to be in the direction where you belong.

Almost 4 years had passed since I joined the much prestigious and highly acclaimed hospital St. Lukes Medical Center Global City which is coined to be the top most hospital in the country as per other foreign and international bodies. I fell in love with the Lobby since it first started construction back in 2009 since it was so beautiful and I promised myself that someday I would be employed with this highly acclaimed company.

The screening process during our time was quite stringent and elusive since only those with top grades from college and those who passed the boards with flying colors were accepted and were trained by medical experts as to the top of the line processes with regards to various fields like nursing, medical technology, research and the likes. We were trained in various aspects of customer service and I was rubbing elbows with all those top officials and multi- awarded celebrities of our time since it was my job to ensure that quality patient care was provided to them and that all their needs were well attended to by our nurses. This was the hospital where I made friendships I would forever treasure, I met mentors who eventually became like my second parents and experiences that I would change my view of life for the better. 🙂

As I move along to another journey of my life now leaving the hospital setting had been quite a challenge since it was my comfort zone for as far as I can remember. They weren’t just a workplace since for the longest time the company was also my family. For a girl who easily gets tired of monotomy and doesn’t like to be contained due to my reckless and quite impulsive nature  perhaps due to the frolic of the youth. I must say that I have come to love what I was doing since it construed a big part of my life for the past years. I would like to express my gratitude to SLMC since it has taught me invaluable life lessons I would never forget and would bring with me as I move on to the next chapter of my life.

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