Hotel Slumber Party Weekend

We all know the saying that your 20’s are the time for you to explore, go to places, travel, read a lot, discover new cuisines, find the happiness you deserve and never settle for something less than what you deserve. This is the time to search for what really makes you happy. Who says you can’t right? Sometimes honey, dreams do come true if you only have the right mindset and focus. Dare to dream and go out of your comfort zone and live the life you were always meant to have. That diet that you keep putting off for I don’t know how long? Get started on that! :), the book that takes you like forever to read? Start with one chapter a day, that blog you always wanted to set up and update? Write away! :), that mountain that you only dare dream of conquering? Practice on your office stairways :). Nothing is impossible until you say so.

Mom and her High School Loves
Mom and her High School Loves


June was such a busy month for me since almost everyday or week I used to be out doing something whether it was for work, hanging out with my friends or just having fun I rarely get to bond with my Mom anymore since were both working and we both get home late already. So when the opportunity to bond with her came up I instantly grabbed it and volunteered myself to tag along in her sleepover with her secondary school besties.

It happened last weekend, that her friends were all here in the country since most of them were based in various locations abroad decided to all meet up and spend a night together like high school girlies once again sharing life stories while sipping on some drinks and playing house like they used to before.

I went to Greenhills first to scour the stores for thrift finds and purchase a rash guard since I knew that it would come in handy since I want to make swimming one of my fitness staples this year for at least once a week. P and I heard mass soon after and ate dinner and then headed out into the condo of Mom’s friend which was conveniently located near Ateneo Graduate School 🙂

Listening to them pore over each others lives and how far they have gone since their teenage years was such an enlightening and fun experience for me. I got to see the other side of the fence and have a new perspective on how it is at their stage in life.

They all met in high school and were all part of the top 10 of their graduating batch, their friend Tita Violetta was a doctor who decided to sacrifice her private practice and be a supportive housewife to her husband who is also a doctor abroad too, Tita Carolyn is the Director for the DFA of our government in Thailand while Tita Angelica is the Head of HR for a Multinational Company based here. Despite all the accolades and success they garnered through the years they still managed to keep in touch at least once a year or twice.  The night turned to morning as they regaled each other with their stories of life, love and loss 🙂

I woke up the next morning while they were cooking breakfast and decided to head out to the pool side for a quick dip before we check out and eat with our family since it happened to be Father’s Day too on that day.

As they bade their farewells to each other they promised to keep in touch and already penned in their calendars their next get together abroad. 🙂 Looking forward to their next stay-cation.

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