Ace Water Spa Weekend

Since I make it a point to allot at least one day of my weekend for fitness and fun we decided to try out this relaxing and fun Water Spa place in Pasig that we heard great reviews about.

P purchased this deal from Metrodeal and surprised me with a visit to Ace Water Spa in Pasig which had various amenities like locker rooms, a sumptuous buffet spread which would amount to 500 only when you purchase a deal from the original price of 700 without the voucher, an unlimited access to all their jet pools, lap pool, saunas, a steam room, hot herbal pools and a very cold as in like freezing temperature pool! 🙂


At first I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time coming here, however due to the good reviews I heard from friends and bloggers alike we decided to give this place a try. Dress codes especially in the pool were strictly implemented and swimming caps were doled to you out once you reach the pool side to maintain hygiene.

Once you’ve been cleared by the front desk, you will be ushered to the common female area where you can change into your swimming attire which is mostly made of spandex material. Loose fitting shirts and shorts were a no-no to this establishment. Locker keys were also provided and towels came in at an additional cost. You have to take a quick shower first before being allowed to enter the pool premises. Phones, watches and other gadgets were better left at the locker since they weren’t allowed too at the pool area.


P and I met outside the shower rooms for boys and girls and went to the pool area where we tried out the various types of hydrotherapy massages offered by their pools which seemed like  a theme park since there was an area for the kids wherein they had a playground in the water, there were also swim boards of various colors floating around the pool wherein you can just grab one and hold on to that as the current takes you around the pool side. We were like kids all over again! 🙂


My personal faves were the back massage, the water falls and the hot herbal pools which had good health and skin benefits according to the write up above the pools. After 4 hours or so of going around and even swimming in the lap pool for several rounds we decided to shower up and have dinner since we were both hungry from going around and having fun 🙂

Food was great in their buffet spread at the ground floor. We came back a few times to the spread to help ourselves to their various dishes. Definitely a great way to manage your stress and relax while having fun! 🙂

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