Marriott Manila opens the largest ballroom in the Country

Marriott Manila, just opened the largest ballroom in the Philippines with a total of 8,000 square meters of function space. The complex has can hold several meetings and celebrations all at the same time with it’s vast expanse and spacious rooms.


After coming from our site visits and a sales rally earlier in the morning I was dropped off at the Fort and decided to meet up with my friends first from SLMC and just talk over cups of coffee while waiting for P to arrive and fetch me since we would be bearing witness to the unveiling of the marvelous ballroom that Marriott Hotel has to offer. Good thing P was generous enough with his time to accompany me there to the media launch 🙂 Yey!

We with my friends from SLMC while waiting for P
We with my friends from SLMC while waiting for P

Before we entered the venue and while waiting for the program to start we were escorted to the waiting lounge where guests were all draped in various outfits since the dress code was supposed to be “Out of this World” though I received the memo a tad too late since I only knew of this event a couple of hours before 4pm and since my meet up dinner with my girls got cancelled I decided to head on to this event instead. We were served various appetizers and some wine glasses which were really appealing and sumptuous! 🙂

Me and P while waiting
Me and P while waiting

Then soon after the lights dimmed and then we were all escorted into a hallway where we all went to a “space travel tour”. A very powerful and booming voice from above was heard speaking while clouds of fog seemed to obscure our vision as we continuously headed to the tunnel like walkway going to the ballroom.


It really was like taking a trip to the Milky Way Galaxy! 🙂


A very festive program soon ensued as dance numbers, aerobics and air stunts were performed by dancers and gymnasts alike and DJ’s were playing their  top mixes and hits which reverberated throughout the whole ballroom during the after party. A very delicious feast was also spread out there for the guests wherein you can take your pick from all the various dishes which cater to your fancy. Cakes, Oysters, Cold Cuts, Filipino, Chinese and a lot of other cuisines surely was a treat for us that night! 🙂

One of their desserts for the night in the form if this globular cake with chocolate globular lollipops on the side
With fellow blogger Ms. Lariza from Mom's World of Arts and Happiness
With fellow blogger Ms. Lariza from Mom’s World of Arts and Happiness

With the addition of the Marriott Grand Ballroom to the other amenities of the hotel.  The hotel  now offers a total of 10,000 square meters (sqm) of function space, the biggest in the Philippine hotel industry, Marriott officials said.


The new grand ballroom offers a total of 8,000 square meters of function space, with 28 versatile meeting space, including 6 VIP sky boxes.

The main ballroom boasts 3,000 sqm of pillar-less space that can accommodate 4,000 guests for cocktails and 2,500 for banquet set-up.

This massive venue can be subdivided into 4 sections and features technology firsts for the country: the SkyFold Technology that uses vertical folding partitions that comes from the ceiling, and the 176 Programmable Pillow Ceiling Lights that changes to 360 colors and can adjust the ceiling height from 12 meters to 10 meters for a more intimate gathering.

As the venue is also intended as an exhibition space, it has a number of features to help exhibition organizers. One of my classmates from graduate school even messaged me about it, inquiring about the vast expanse of this place and how it fared to Shangrila and other hotel ballrooms alike.

There are also catwalks and high steel platform structure to give flexibility to design and easy access for lighting effects or hanging decorations.

Surely with this new addition to Marriott Hotel’s event and function rooms, Philippine tourism is surely expected to boom in the coming years.

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